My favourite ‘Superfoods’ and additions……

So a few of you wanted to know more about some of the products I use.
This will be more of an informative post, hope you find it useful.


I use this daily in my smoothies and/or in my drinking water. I only have the recommended daily portion of 1 scoop/2 teaspoons.

I use this because:

• If we are/have been over weight, consume lots of fatty/sugary foods, are over 25-our skin starts to age quicker as collagen levels deplete, by adding this daily I am boosting my collagen levels, so therefore if I can help in any way I can, I will try.

• It is scientifically proven to promote and support healthy skin and hair-this is great for me because of my excess skin from weight loss. My hair is defiantly thicker and stronger as well, I’ve never been able to be blonde for this long as it still feels really strong and healthy.

• It’s also been proven to support joint mobility and discomfort-every little helps when working out.

• It contains essential amino acids that support a healthy gut.

• The amino acids that make up the components of collagen can support a healthy metabolism, healthy muscles and supports energy levels-provides a natural glucose for your body’s tissues for energy and brain transmitters.

• Can help aid a restful night’s sleep.

What’s not to like? I can genuinely say I think it’s worth the money, my skin is definitely better. I have bought the Bulletproof version in the past but the Great Lake’s version is half the price (I buy from Amazon) and seems to be exactly the same otherwise. It’s a beef collagen, so a beef bone broth basically. So potentially you could make yourself, google it. I find this so convenient to add to drinks and smoothies as it though, so easy. It doesn’t smell and is tasteless. Dissolves into a clear liquid. My own problem I have is, I find really hard to buy in UK, it’s not always available on Amazon or anywhere else online, not without paying a fortune in shipping from US. So I tend to buy a couple when I see as then I know I always have.


I use this because:

• It’s a great way to add 16 powdered superfoods in to my diet if I don’t have fresh fruit and or veg to hand or I want to boost the greens I’m already using.

• It’s great to add into baking as don’t know it’s there.

• It’s quick and easy.

How often do I use?

I only use when don’t have fresh veg to hand or I’m out and about, so maybe once a week? I add 2 teaspoons to 1 smoothie or shake.

It has a slight strawberry taste to it and blends/shakes well in a mixer cup with cold liquids, I have personally tried water, coconut water and hemp milk and all seem to be smooth. Yes it has a teeny bit of stevia in, but for how often I use and the small amount in it, I don’t think it matters. Everything in moderation-just don’t let those sweeteners sneak in and add up. Be aware of labelling.


I love all of these products, I use most on a daily basis. They are a UK based company that provide high quality hemp products at great prices. I love these products so much that I promote them, so if you would like to browse the website and maybe purchase something, here’s the link:

Good Hemp Milk: Available in original, unsweetened and coconut flavours. I personally love the original one best. Also available in smaller sizes for travelling or when out and about, perfect portion sizes for a shake on the go. Always add to my smoothies and also in baking.

Good Hemp Oil: I use this for all my cooking and baking needs-its so versatile and the flavour is slightly nutty but doesn’t affect flavour when cooking. This oil is also great in salad dressings. Some people also have a spoonful a day to get their omega 3, it is very high in hemp products.

Good Hemp Hearts and Seeds: I use these all the time, I love to coat chicken/turkey in them and oven baking them (recipe to follow in future post), in my chocolate protein muffins, in salads, for snacking on, they are so nutritious, tasty and versatile.

Good Hemp Protein Powders: Available in 4 different varieties, Raw-90% protein, Pure-70% protein. Both of these are unflavoured and available in 2 different sizes. The other 2 available are the Strawberry Fit Shake-65% protein, contains a teeny amount of Stevia and naturally dried Strawberry flavour-tastes good. The other flavour is the Chocolate Gym Shake-70% protein-my personal favourite and always have this in stock, again it does contain a small amount of Stevia but the small amount and the other nutritious values makes it worth-while to me. It’s a really smooth, creamy chocolate taste-I love it. I mix with the Good Hemp Milk-perfect every time.

Good Hemp Flours: This flour is fab for baking and bread. I’ve made some awesome rolls and savoury muffins from this and worked amazingly, really soft and moist.

So why do I use Hemp products?

• Hemp is a complete protein

• Increases energy levels and metabolic rate

• Lowers blood pressure

• Improves immunity levels

• Reduces symptoms of PMS and menstrual cramps

• Reduces inflammation

What’s not to love……….. a tasty, highly nutrient rich, versatile complete protein. It’s a shame there’s such a stigma to it. I love it and will continue to do so.

Some more info about hemp courtesy of Good Hemp Foods:


I have a cup of this a day or I’ll add half a teaspoon to a smoothie if I haven’t already had a cup. Its great for boosting energy, its full of antioxidants and can help boost the metabolism.

It comes in 3 different natural flavours:

• Original-Plain, Pure matcha-nice flavour.

• Mint-Matcha and dried mint leaves-soo good, this one is my favourite.

• Lemon-Matcha and dried lemon grass-nice flavour, not over powering.

I personally like all 3 and tend to get the mixed pouches, as works out cheapest way to purchase. You can buy my favourite brand Pure Chimp here:

More info about Matcha Tea, courtesy of Pure Chimp:

So think I’ve covered the main things I was asked about, feel free to check out the links along the way to give you further info. I hope all or some of it has been of use to you.

Thank you all for taking the time to read, thank you to my loyal followers and readers, love you all. You certainly know how to make a girl feel loved. You are so awesome.

Until next time, stay flawsome my friend.

Lots of love, Jemma 💪🏽💚 xx

P.S. The July Challenge is going well btw, will update you soon 🙂 you can follow my journey daily on Instagram: @flawsomejem where I’ll be sharing sweaty selfies 😜💦💪🏽

7 thoughts on “My favourite ‘Superfoods’ and additions……

  1. Thanks Jemma for sharing the products you use. I just bought the collagen protein on Amazon and I to use hemp products. I bought the nutiva hemp protein on Amazon that usually goes in my green smoothie. I love reading your blog it’s very informative. 💖☺️😘😘❤️

    1. Ahh glad you enjoy reading it, def makes it worthwhile if you guys are finding useful 🙂 thank u so much for taking the time to read and comment my rockstar friend. Yay awesome job getting some collagen protein 💚 love it and I’ve tried the nutiva hemp stuff-it’s great too, I love the good hemp stuff and the convenience of being able to stock up all in one. Plus they are a uk company and like to support locals. Happy Sunday beautiful xx

  2. That’s awesome. I love buying local and that’s cool that good hemp does that. Happy Monday! 💖☺️

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