July RYL Challenge Update 

So 2 weeks ago today, I started the RYL community Challenge, I am absolutely loving it, so far it has been a mixture each of these type of workouts:

• Tabatas-several 4 minute workouts where you give it your all for 20 secs, rest for 10 secs and repeat for the 4 minutes. Normally a combo of 2 different HIIT moves. Bree normally makes into about 20 min workout.

• Ladders- 7/8 intense full body HIIT moves, starting with one move repeated and then adding on the next move after, all the way up the ladder so each circuit has an extra move. Hope that makes sense? These type of workouts usually take about 30-35 mins.

• Core-various, slower paced (don’t let that fool you) circuit based on core/ab moves. These workouts are usually about 20 mins.

• Yoga-stretching, strengthening and lengthening moves, these workouts take about 45 mins.

• Cardio Barre-Bree has created a fusion of barre moves with cardio for quick effective workouts. Tend to last aboutr 20-25 mins.

• Live Class=on a Wednesday, once a week, Bree holds a live video class, where we can all workout together. It’s a bit late for me as its US time and will be 1am here so I tend to catch up on a Thursday, but this workout has been a 3 or 4 round weight training supersets with a quick cardio finisher. This workout lasts about 40-45 mins on average, varies each week.

According to the calendar there’s some Pilates, Yoga Sculpt, Cardio Kickboxing, Sculpt workouts to look forward to before the end, I wonder what these will hold?! Exciting!
The live class also allows us to speak to each in a skype style. I’ve been a member for 18 months or so now and I’ve watched every live class back but I’ve never been to a live class before, mainly because of the time difference but also because it’s a bit scary.

So I’m totally loving the workouts and the group support, everyone is so incredibly motivating and inspiring. I had a bit of blip last weekend, where being busy at work and being incredibly exhausted, that I got a few days behind but instead I’m not beating myself up about it, I’m just looking at as life does get in the way, it was more important for me to rest and sleep in than stress my body further. So I’ve done the workouts this week without any more rest days and I’ve caught up today. YAY!! Sexy sculpt this morning, let’s see what that holds.

I must take some measurements and progress pics, as haven’t since day 1, will compare how I’ve got on and inform you soon.

(Edit) Name changed to @flawsomejem 3/1/18
I hope you are enjoying my blog posts so far, please feel free to share any of them with anyone you may feel will benefit them. I want to motivate and inspire others. As before any future posts you would like to see just get in touch.

On that note my friend, enjoy your weekend, I’ll be updating you with more challenge info as the month goes on.

And don’t forget- stay flawsome.

Lots of love, Jemma xx

P.S. Don’t forget you can follow my healthy journey on Facebook: Jem’s Journey to Health and Fitness and @flawsomejem or via Instagram: @flawsomejem. See you there xx

2 thoughts on “July RYL Challenge Update 

    1. Thank u so much rockstar Ellie! You will do it don’t put too much pressure on yourself my friend! Happy Saturday beautiful xx


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