Join the Flawsome Jem mailing list, Facebook accountability group and more coming very soon…..

💪🏽Who is struggling to reach their health and fitness goals or needs help setting and achieving them?

💚A few people have reached out to me asking for support and advice and it made me think who else needs some accountability, support and motivation?

💪🏽I’ve been thinking of creating a private group on Facebook for those wanting some motivation and accountability.

💪🏽So, I will be opening a private Facebook community and daily I will be accountable to you all and I encourage you to post in the group to share with the others what you have been doing too and support others along the way too.

💚Maybe make new friends along the way…….

💪🏽Everyone may be doing different things but how cool is it to know you are working on a better you and helping others along the way.

💚If you are unsure of what you want to do, ask me and I can help recommend workouts and meal plans for you.

💚Remember it’s a personal journey so don’t worry about what others are doing, focus on what you want to do, get out of this and achieve.

💪🏽So who is up for joining us?

💚Please pm me to join the group (all contact info at bottom of this post)

💪🏽Let’s smash those goals…..

💪🏽I will be here to encourage you with your eating and workouts and will help when and where I can.

💚 Meal and workout plans to come soon! 💚

You can now also sign up Flawsome Jem email updates. Sign up for FREE and I’ll send you some goodies to help you on your own journey.

Thank you 🙂

I’ll leave it there and get in touch via my Facebook @flawsomejem or Instagram @flawsomejem and I can give you some more info 🙂

Remember, you are flawsome!

Lots of love Jem 💪🏽💚 Xx

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