7 Days to a More Flawsome You!

Hey there my Flawsome friend,

How are you doing? How’s you’re week going so far?

A few of you have reached out to me recently, asking for support so, how would you like to be part of a private Facebook community, get daily support and motivation with me, along with a journal to help you on your way to a better week.

Each day I’ll be posting something motivational in the community and I will also send the same as a daily email.

I will encourage you to get involved in the community, meet new people, make new friends and get healthier along the way. What more could you want?

For a limited time only, I am offering completely complimentary, 7 day access to my exclusive private Facebook community, 7 days of motivational emails from me and a downloadable 7 day journal to accompany your journey and support within the group from me and other members in the community.

If you would like to join the me and the others in the community and become even more Flawsome then please email me: flawsomejem@aol.co.uk using subject 7 DAYS TO A MORE FLAWSOME YOU! And I’ll add you to the community and send I’ll you the downloadable, printable 7 day journal too. Many thanks.

Please also sign up here, if you haven’t already, to my mailing list to enable me to be able to send the daily emails and also keep you updated with Flawsome Jem news. And also to enable you to receive the downloadable journal: https://zc.vg/sf/4Ombgm  

To sign up to 7 Days to a More Flawsome You! email version Click here!!!

Many thanks.

Hope to see you in the community and look forward to getting to know you know you better and helping you on your own journeys.

Stay Flawsome my friend.

Lots of love

Jem xx

P.S. For more on coaching with Flawsome Jem https://flawsomejem.com/coaching/ or check out the menu section on my blog.

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7 days to a More Flawsome You! Includes:

✅ Complimentary 7 day journal

✅ Complimentary 7 day private Facebook group access

✅ 7 days of daily motivational emails

✅ Support and Knowledge from me, Flawsome Jem

✅ Support from other group members

* After the initial 7 days I will invite you to join my exclusive Forever Flawsome community on Facebook also, for £15 a calendar month, including more Flawsomeness, or I’m afraid will have to remove you from the 7 days to a More Flawsome You! community, to make way for others joining, I hope you understand, many thanks. *

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