How can CBD help Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and ADD?

How can CBD help Anxiety, Depression and ADHD/ADD?

How is it a natural Anti Depressant and Anti Inflammatory?

Dopamine is an organic chemical responsible for thought processes such as memory and attention.

It transmits signals between the neurons/nerve cells in the brain. So lack of this chemical can make it difficult for these processes to be carried out!

The drugs that are being currently used to treat ADD/ADHD have proven inefficient since they work in some patients and not in others.

Conventional ADD/ADHD medicine has been a source of controversy due to the fact that they are stimulant-based!

The big issue is that even though these drugs react extremely well with some patients…

In others, the drugs only act as FUEL that further worsens the feelings of anxiety!!!

That’s why many have desperately sought out SOMETHING ELSE!!!

Many studies have found that FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL has amazing affects in those struggling with ADD/ADHD!!

CBD activates:

– anti-anxiety,

– anti-depressant and

– anti-inflammatory

receptors in our bodies to manage the symptoms of patients suffering with ADD/ADHD.

** It ACTIVATES DOPAMINE RECEPTORS!! Thus NATURALLY encouraging your body to create the chemical needed to solve the problem!!! **

It also minimizes the activation of receptors caused by THC, hence countering its “high” effects.


So the PARENT IN NEED can FINALLY take control of their childs’ health.. As well as their own!!

How awesome is all this?

I wanna share some research facts with you now:

💚CBD and ADHD and ADD Facts💚

Cannabinoids in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a randomised-controlled trial(Asherson & Cooper, 2017)

This randomized-controlled trial found that cannabinoids could significantly improve symptoms in ADHD.

🌿ADHD and ADD can be marked by a lack of attention as well as physical and mental hyperactivity. It is typically treated with amphetamines which have side effects and drawbacks was as well as benefits.

🌿CBD oil has few side effects compared to conventional ADHD medication.

🌿There is no high with CBD oil containing less than 0.3% THC and high levels of CBD.

🌿Receptors for endocannabinoids are found throughout the body, brain, and nervous system. They help control pain, attention, movement, and sickness behaviour.

🌿CBD has a therapeutic effect by targeting these receptors.

🌿Those with ADHD may experience frustration due to interruptions in executive functioning which cause problems with attention and impulsivity.

🌿There is likely to be a large genetic component to ADHD.

🌿ADHD is often treated both with medication and therapy.

🌿Many people with ADHD are in danger of self-medicating with street drugs.

🌿CBD can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain which improves symptoms in those with ADHD.

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PLEASE NOTE: CBD is neither a medicine nor a cure for any illness and by no means do we make any medical claims. CBD can help to maintain and support your health and a healthy lifestyle.

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Could CBD help your skin problem?

Happy Hemp day all,

I’m back at ya with more CBD, today I wanted to come on and talk more about how CBD can help with skin problems.


Cannabinoids have shown to act both as immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory agents in skin diseases, as much as in other immune-mediated pathologies such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and allergic asthma. Both CBD and THC dampen the body’s immune response, which is desired for conditions related to an overactive immune system.

Since there are cannabinoid receptors in cells throughout the skin, it is possible to address a dermatological condition both with systemic and topical remedies. We have to remember that the real therapeutic potential of cannabinoids is far from being exploited, and nobody is today able to translate lab results and patients’ experiences into a standardized clinical practice.

That said, the complete absence of adverse effects from CBD makes this cannabinoid a perfect phytotherapic substance. CBD oil has a significant amount of anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative characteristics that can act against the symptoms of psoriasis.

Other cannabis topicals that help with psoriasis symptoms are balms, creams, or salves, infused with CBD, THC, or a combination of cannabinoids. While medical cannabis topicals and edibles have little or zero factors of toxicity, smoking cannabis can actually irritate conditions like psoriasis.

In most cases CBD balms and oils actually relieve damaged skin, yet the benefits from the use of this herb are highly dependent on the quality of the extract, as much as on the patient’s particular condition. Some people saw their psoriasis vanish, others just experienced less inflammation and itching.

I’ve been using Hemp and CBD based body lotions for my own psoriasis, and it’s gone completely. The doctor used to give me a steroid cream and that was the only thing that got rid of it, not anymore. No more itchy psoriasis for me. Happy Jem.

Check out these results after just one use…

#psorosis #ezcema #skincare

PLEASE NOTE: CBD is neither a medicine nor a cure for any illness and by no means do we make any medical claims. CBD can help to maintain and support your health and a healthy lifestyle.

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How could CBD help your hair?

So today I wanted to hop on and talk more about CBD and the benefits it can have on your hair’s health.

How does CBD work to improve your hair’s health?

🌿Stimulates hair growth by improving circulation.

🌿Uses fatty acids to moisturise and heal a damaged scalp.

🌿Adds fortitude to the strands by proliferating the protein within the hair.

In recent years, many claims have been logged around CBD oil being a beneficial property for treating hair loss..

So, how does it work?

High in Vitamin E & many valuable fatty acids, CBD oil may just be the endeavour to save your hair, prevent hair loss and speed up growth rate causing each strand of the hair to be much stronger!

The Vitamin E & fatty acid combo has a powerful softening effect, by making the scalp more flexible and softer, the root of every single strand is stronger. When the root of your hair is stronger then there is a considerably less chance of hair loss as well as hair loss being less frequent. Due to the combination of Vitamins and fats, CBD can be used for hair loss.

The 3 most prominent fatty acids in CBD oil is omega-3, omega 6 and omega-9 acids. Recent European research has proven that these three acids combined create a unique growth burst! These fatty acids also help to improve the quality of tissue on the scalp, by improving the tissue, CBD oil promotes a better blood flow in the area and better circulation ensuring follicles expand quicker than ever!

Furthermore CBD oil is a natural moisturising agent, it boosts the health of the scalp, without a strong scalp preventing hair loss simply isn’t possible, not only does CBD oil moisturise the scalp it also helps to retain that moisture.

Proving that CBD is an extremely effective solution to hair loss has been significant, because of this people will begin to choose CBD oil as an alternative to artificial medicines due to the fact many hair loss creams and gels cause severe irritation.

So, CBD Oil really does attack the hair loss condition from multiple sides.

Amazing hey?

I’ve been using CBD Shampoo and Conditioner for about the last 3 months and my hair is so much stronger, shinier and healthier, than it has ever been. Despite all the bleach and colour I have on my hair. It’s amazing and it’s smells good too, without being over powering. And bonus, I’m having to wash my hair less too! Can’t complain at that 😉

I’m not just saying this, but even after 18 years as a hairdresser, these are the best haircare products I’ve ever used on my hair! I also used the CBD Body Oil on my hair, once I’ve washed it and I leave my hair to dry naturally.

PLEASE NOTE: CBD is neither a medicine nor a cure for any illness and by no means do we make any medical claims. CBD can help to maintain and support your health and a healthy lifestyle.

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