Hemp Based Nutrition and CBD Support and Coaching

Are you ready to work together on a More Flawsome You?

”Embarking on a new journey shouldn’t be done alone, having someone like minded to support you and some where to be accountable has been proven to help you succeed more than you would doing it alone.”

Hemp based Nutrition Coaching:

Let’s get some nutritional plans in place, and check in’s after we get those plans in place to see how you’re doing and see how we can move things forward and how I can continue to support you

– Hemp based Meal Plans and Recipe Books,

– Email and Group Support available.

CBD Education and Starting your own CBD journey Coaching and Support:

Let’s chat anything CBD, I’ll educate you more about CBD and tell you more about products that are available and may be best suited to your needs. And help you get some plans in place for your new regime and check in with you periodically after.

– Large range of high quality, lab tested CBD Products available,

CBD Education,

-Private CBD Group for Support,

– Email Support.

General Health, Nutrition and CBD Coaching and Support:

Let’s chat and get some plans in place for an all round healthier lifestyle via my hemp based recipes and meal plans, journal, support and Coaching. Let’s work out the best hemp based solution for you…

Hemp based Meal Plans,

– Hemp Based Recipe Books,

– 90 Day Journal,

– Health and CBD Support Groups,

– Email Support,

– CBD Products and Education.

Let’s get some plans in place to start Living the Life YOU Deserve!


I have created a private group on Facebook called Flawsome Jem CBD, where I share daily educational posts about all things Hemp and CBD related.

The aim of the group is to have a safe and private place to learn all about hemp and CBD and to have someone knowledgeable to support you on your own healthy CBD journey and share with you some of the amazing high quality, lab tested CBD products, I love and use on a daily basis.

Hemp and CBD are literally my life!

Wanna learn more about CBD? You can join FREE here!

I also offer Health and Lifestyle Group Support via my exclusive Facebook Community ‘Forever Flawsome’.

-Your place to be accountable!

-Group Support within my exclusive, private, safe community.

-Advice, Support, Motivation and More from Flawsome Jem everyday within community. And via email.

-Meet like minded busy parents along the way.

-Exclusive Member Offers, Freebies and much more!

Awesome results from one of my Forever Flawsome Members, Keren:

Sharing some client love for my Group Support Community ‘Forever Flawsome’:

‘Thank you Jemma for inviting everyone to be a part of your community. You are so inspirational and it shows in what you have created here. I have utilised the resources you provide and I enjoy the educational tid-bits and support. You help me stay on track nutritionally and emotionally, thank you.’
Jacinda. US. (Group Support ‘Forever Flawsome’ Feedback)

‘Thank you for all your hard work and fabulousness. I may not use all of it now, but I am secure in the knowledge I have the info and help when I want it. You are an inspiration and going from strength to strength. Thank you, much love.’
Keren. Busy Mum. UK. (Group Support ‘Forever Flawsome’ Feedback)

‘I love being a part of this group. Rubbish few days but I’m smiling again thanks to your messages and from Jemma’s constant mentoring on and off scenes!’
Caroline, Solicitor and Busy Mum of 2. UK. (Group Support ‘Forever Flawsome’ Feedback)


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