Element Tinctures and Dab Tins

After meeting them and discovering their amazing products at Hemp and CBD Expo, in September, I have teamed up with Element E-Liquids to share their amazing CBD Products with you all…Flavoured CBD Tinctures and CBD Crumble Dab Tins.

Unparalleled Premium Quality Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures from Ever by Element:


CBG, CBC and CBN enhanced, THC FREE!

Available in 500mg and 1500mg strengths. 60ml bottles.

Please note: Please remember that these bottles won’t be the same percentage as our 10ml bottles due to them being 60ml bottles & heavily diluted compared to the others.

500mg = approx 0.83%
1500mg = approx 2.5%

That being said, these are perfect for newbies that are scared of the taste of CBD. Even though ours doesn’t really taste of much we still get people scared because others can taste vile.

Hope this helps and still an amazing product.

Pure extremely potent broad spectrum CBD crumble extract to deliver a mind and body altering experience by LIT Element:


– Choose your design-5 to choose from (black, shush, rainbow geo, silver, plane)

– CBD Broad Spectrum 80% CBD Extract Crumble.

– 2 options available: Ready to go Pen or Tank to attach to your current vape pen (510 attachment)

– Includes Tool.

– 5 flavours to choose from: Frost, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry Guava, Black Cherry Cola and Cinnamon Roll.


Please state crumble flavour choice and tin choice, in notes, when ordering, thank you.

– Extra crumble options available too:

Please note: I don’t hold Element stock…I place regular whole sale orders with Element, drop me a message to ask when my next order is. So you never have to wait long. As soon as the products arrive with me, I will post on 1st class to you. Hope you understand.

For the tank you will need a 510 attachment battery.

I got mine from amazon for like £15. Here is an example of the one I have and it’s fab. (Please note, I am not making any money from recommending this battery, I just want to recommend the one I use). The Beemaster Honey Stick, designed for CBD Oils and Crumbles.

I’ve had a couple of questions about the new CBD crumbles so hopefully this will help.


As CBD becomes more mainstream, the amount and variety of CBD-containing products grow. I’m sure you’ve all heard of CBD oil, capsules, and gummy bears, but what about CBD crumble?

CBD crumble has many attractive features. It’s potent, fast-acting, and you only need a small amount. But just what is CBD crumble? How is it made? And how do you use it? Read on to find out why CBD crumble is one of the best options for many ‘medical’ or recreational CBD consumers.


Some brands of CBD crumble can consist of as much as 99% CBD*. (LIT ELEMENTS crumble is 80% CBD) It is the result of an extraction of a cannabis plant, often a hemp variety (cannabis with low THC levels). Once extracted, the substance is left to set, either naturally or in an oven, until it forms a waxy, crumble-like consistency.

If it is full spectrum, it can also consist of terpenes, flavonoids, and small amounts of other cannabinoids. (LIT ELEMENTS crumble is broad spectrum CBD, with CBC, CBN & CBG)


1. Potency – As stated above, some brands of CBD crumble can be as much as 99% CBD. This means that you only need a small amount for an effective dose. This can make it suitable for people who require high amounts of CBD for their CBD needs.

2. Fast-acting – Especially when vaporized or smoked, CBD crumble has an extremely fast-acting effect. This is particularly important for those of you treating debilitating conditions like chronic pain that need immediate relief.

3. Convenient – CBD wax packs a punch yet is small and convenient to carry around. It also doesn’t smell and can be quickly and discreetly consumed in a variety of ways.



Probably the most common way to consuming CBD crumble is by vaporizing or ‘dabbing’. Dabbing is the process of heating a small amount of crumble until it vaporizes and then inhaling the vapour. This can be done with a dab rig (similar to a bong) or with a dabbing pen.


CBD crumble can also be smoked. Either in a joint or bong, and sometimes along with another herb to improve the way it burns. This is an effective way to consume CBD crumble, although any type or combustion brings its own risks, especially your lung health.


Making edibles with CBD crumble is also popular. This involves either simply throwing some crumble into your favourite brownie recipe, or by using the crumble to make a CBD butter and using it to cook with. Eating CBD crumble won’t produce effects very quickly, but it may be more potent once it does start to take effect.


CBD oil and CBD crumble are both cannabis concentrates. Their extraction methods are nearly identical. Whether a manufacturer uses ethanol or butane to extract CBD concentrates doesn’t have an impact on whether the final product is wax or oil That is determined by the purging process. If the extract is whipped, you end up with wax, if it is purged of chemical solvents, you get oil.


CBD wax comes in a few different varieties, and each has its advantages. Your options to choose from are shatter, live resin, crumble, wax and budder. Each is a variant of CBD butane hash oil, which is the blanket term for all kinds of CBD extract.


Just to make things a tad more confusing, CBD wax can also refer to a specific kind of wax, in addition to being the blanket term for many consistencies of CBD. Wax is one of the more popular variants and has a consistency similar to beeswax, hence the name.


Shatter has a texture similar to glass. You get shatter when the extraction process stops just short of fully crystallizing. This gives shatter a rather cloudy look. When it heats up during the vaping process, it takes on an appearance much like thick honey.

Live Resin

Other extraction methods use dried cannabis trims or cured buds, but live resin begins with cryogenically frozen buds. Because the freezing process preserves cannabinoids and terpenes much better, CBD live resin usually has a very strong, clear flavor. CBD live resin is one of the more expensive types of CBD wax. CBD live resin is often considered high-end or a special treat.


When manufacturers purge at a very high temperature and air pressure, budder is the result. Budder is lighter and a bit more wax-like than shatter, and is of comparable potency. The consistency is similar to butter or margarine.


Crumble wax is very similar to budder in terms of how it is extracted. To get crumble instead of budder, manufacturers pre-purge their CBD oil. This makes the end result a bit more moist, which leads to the more viscous texture of crumble. As the name implies, crumble comes apart easily. This can make it difficult to work with, but many people say the flavor is worth it.


CBD crumble/wax is more expensive than oil and can be confusing and tricky to work with. So why do people go for it?

It has to do with purity and strength. It’s different for each person, but CBD wax is more effective for some. Others feel it gives a smoother experience. It all depends on an individual’s metabolism and how their body handles CBD.

CBD crumble also allows users a great level of control over their dosages. You can fine tune the amount of CBD you’re taking in without much of a problem.

And it’s not a zero sum game. Many people also choose to combine CBD wax dabbing with other forms of CBD. There are times when dabbing may not be viable or appropriate and so people turn to edibles or topicals. There’s nothing stopping you from mixing and matching until you find the perfect combination of CBD products that work for you.

*The crumble from LIT ELEMENTS is an 80% Broad Spectrum CBD with CBC, CBN & CBG.

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