cbme CBD Products (Affiliate link)

Affiliate link for cbme CBD edibles.

** Get 30% off using this exclusive link. **

Dried fruits coated with CBD.


Affiliate link for cbme CBD edibles.

** Get 30% off using this exclusive link. **

Dried fruits coated with CBD.

Products available:


your day to day stress manager!


uplift is made with premium broad spectrum cbd, fortified with cbg, an anxiety busting amount of ashwagandha, a touch of probiotics to help your tummy, finished off with the happiest terpenes found naturally in hemp.


combining cbd with ashwagandha in the pineapple pieces helps to manage spikes in your stress hormone, cortisol, promoting daily calm.


one in the morning with your coffee and bring on the day! 

Relax: PAPAYA:

for when your body is at 9%…

unwind after a day of conference calls, never ending task list, gym class, food fights or bedtime stories.

ease your whole body with an infusion of hops and magnesium, and sleep inducing, natural 5-htp from griffonia seeds.

our dried papaya pieces are then coated in premium broad spectrum cbd fortified with cbg and the most relaxing terpenes we could find.

cbme relax before bed can help you wind down and ensure once you are asleep, you stay asleep… rested and recharged…ready to take on the next morning!  

Relieve: APRICOT:

specifically made for post workout, and your aches, pains and troublesome joints!

relieve is perfectly balanced with 50mg of premium cbd broad spectrum distillate fortified with cbg, and natural soothing terpenes.

every piece is infused with turmeric and black pepper to bring down your inflammation and pain naturally.

when taken daily, relieve is great for anyone suffering with arthritis or needing pain relief,  by supporting your natural maintenance of anti-inflammation.

relieve is equally useful at getting rid of your muscle soreness we all dread after a big workout in the gym…take one before bed for your natural recovery for those tired muscles.

Please be aware I may benefit financially from sales made via this affiliate link.

cbme CBD Products (Affiliate link)


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