Group Distance Reiki Session (Calm in this Holiday Chaos: 45 mins-December)


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December’s Group 5d+ Reiki Group Distance Session.


✔ Do you find it difficult to switch off those thoughts whizzing around in your head? 🤦🏼‍♀️

✔ You’re working but also thinking about have you got food in the fridge for dinner later and if you’ve remembered to rsvp on your daughters friends birthday party? 🤯

✔ You’re so damn tired of thinking of everything and everyone else, all of the time, that you’ve absolutely no energy left by the time the kids are in bed? 🥱

💥 I have just what you need so you can feel a complete sense of peace & calm to your days!

➡️ Join me on Monday 18/12 @ 7:30pm for my next group reiki session

The theme of this session is calming, grounding & nurturing you ✨🙏🏽 🫶🏼

– Calming your nervous system so you can be less anxious & sleep better!

– Grounding you to leave you feeling at peace so you can leave that you can switch off your busy mind & enjoy your precious time with family & loved ones!

– Nurturing you so you will feel relaxed and confident and ready to face your days without feeling like you’re gonna lose your temper, again!

💥 Leave the session feeling CALM & RELAXED & READY to tackle your days without feeling like you’re gonna lose your 💩!

👉 We will get the ROOT of the issue so you can remove the layers that are weighing you down both physically & mentally and leaving you so damn tired all of the time & instead feel calmer, refreshed & energised!

➡️ Be like C, who after ONLY 1 session felt more POSITIVE & ENERGISED since the session!

⁃ This is possible for YOU too!

Happening Monday 18th December @ 7.30 – 8.15pm (UK time)

December’s group healing session balancing, cleansing & grounding theme!

This session will be focusing on balancing, cleansing & grounding you!

– Energy healing & spiritual life coaching.

Session will be 45 minutes long & will be a distance session so you don’t need to be on a call or a video and post session pdf will be sent out later.

– Once a month I offer you the opportunity to try Reiki at a heavily discounted price as a group option, group Reiki is just as a powerful as 121, you simply have to be open to receive!

So, How does distant healing work?

Energy is fast. Just like a light turning on or WiFi connecting and following you where you are. You do not have to be in the same room as someone to energetically affect them. That’s the power of the quantum field. Healing information and energy move fast. So, yes, you can be anywhere in the world and receive this healing.

Distance Reiki works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. As such, invoking this law during a distance Reiki session allows me, as your Reiki practitioner, to link to the energy field of the recipient (you).

Distance energy healing is just as great as in person. Since energy is not tied to time or space, you can receive a high quality healing anywhere around the world. Just as we accept the fact that Wi-Fi, telephones and radio exist; we can try to accept the idea that Reiki can work over distance. It is the same principle, one only needs to connect to the right frequency, and this is where the Reiki practitioner (me) comes in to do the healing.

How does group 5d+ reiki work?

I will pull in the energy of anyone who desires to be part of the healing session.

You literally don’t need to do ANYTHING. There’s no call you need to be on, no video chat and nowhere you need to be.

I’ll call in your energy as a collective (group) and I set the intentions for the highest and best good for each individual to receive exactly what they need. I do the energy healing session from my home during the designated time as I feel guided for the highest and best good. Before I disconnect from your energy, I express gratitude and then send everyone into love and light.

You will receive an email after the session of everything I did as well as everything I saw heard felt and experienced during the session (think spiritual life guidance and coaching in addition to reiki). I also include a beautiful pdf that you can keep of all this information plus resources to help you further in your healing.

You just live your life—that’s it!

You can take a bath, journal, relax in quiet, sleep OR you could even be working, running errands…whatever! There’s no “wrong way” to receive reiki and you will always receive it no matter what you’re doing.

Group session Info:

Once you purchase to reserve your spot in the group energy reiki session you will be led to a thank you page where I have a video waiting for you as well as how to receive the pre-session email with the information to guide and support you. Simply follow the instructions on the thank you page and that’s it. I take the reins from there.

After I do the group reiki healing session, I will email you tips for post session healing. It’s important that you read through these and practice some self care.

Within 48 hours, I will send you an email with what healing I did as well as everything I saw, heard, felt and experienced along with some tips for the coming days to get the most benefit from the healing. Reiki can run through your body for up to 48 hours post session and you can feel the benefits/effect for up to 7 days afterward so reading through the email is important.

I will check in with you within 2-4 days after the group reiki healing session via email to see how you’re doing and if there’s anything I can help you with. Of course, my ‘door’ is always open if you have any questions or want to share something with me!

Will you feel others energy’s in group sessions?

Nope! I connect to everyone’s energy who is participating but never mix the energy of others together. Even if you are an empath, you will never feel the energy of others who are also in the group reiki session.

What you need to do:

Sit back and relax! Though the Reiki session will be performed at the time and date specified at sign-up, there is nothing you need to do except be open to receive. I do not need anything from you but your cooperation. It can be helpful to allow time and space to relax a few hours around the session, but it’s not necessary.

What if you have plans during our session?

If you have something going on during the time of the group reiki session, no problem!

Remember, there’s no call you have to be on, no video chat or nothing in particular you need to do. You can be kicking back and relaxing, working, cooking, running errands, tending to kids or family, or anything that life brings! You will always benefit from the healing no matter what you’re doing.

Email summaries:

This is a BONUS that I offer my clients (1:1 sessions and group).

I will email you a beautiful pdf with a summary of everything I did for you as well as what I saw, heard, felts and experienced (if anything) plus crystal suggestions, journal prompts to help you on your path.

This typically gets sent out within 3-5 business days.

Anything else you need to know:

Reiki energy is channelled for your best and highest good, so the length of the session can last a few hours to a few days.

Additionally, you can experience some (unlikely) light detox symptoms such as headaches, nausea, deep emotional experiences, and more. Every body experiences it differently. Others have extremely beautiful experiences with Reiki feeling an extra sense of peace, calm, and clarity. Some even experience flashes of insight, ideas, physical tingling, and/or extra energy during or after the session.

It’s best to set a personal intention before the session that you receive the best results possible. If any emotions or symptoms do come up, know that they are signs of release and allow them to pass through without fear, frustration, or judgment. The release is a good thing, so ease into it and allow it to flow through!

Upon purchase, you will receive an email reminding you of the information provided in this post and confirming your time, date, and participation in this beautiful healing experience! I will also send you follow a follow up email to share with you the experience that took place. as well as tips for post healing session. You will receive the pdf of everything I did for you as well as anything I saw, heard, felt and experienced via email within 3 business days typically. No two sessions are ever the same.

Important note: Reiki is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. Please consult a doctor or other appropriate medical professional, if you have any pre existing medical condition(s) or symptoms.

Reiki is a complimentary healing method that can be used as part of a complete health care programme.

Group Distance Reiki Session (Calm in this Holiday Chaos: 45 mins-December)


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