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Healthy Hemp Recipes Book


A selection of my favourite hemp based recipes and more… (includes BONUS GIFT)

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Flawsome Hemp Recipes Book from Flawsome Jem.

As I love and believe in the health benefits of hemp so much. I use hemp so much, in lots of my recipes, so I thought I’d create a recipe book of just hemp based recipes.

All are quick and easy and family friendly.

Also includes my self care and affirmation pages, meal and workout planners and my journal page to help you get some plans in place and help you succeed even more.

(downloadable pdf’s)

Includes Bonus: What is Hemp ebook, completely FREE!

Sharing some client love about my Recipe Books:

‘I lost 4lbs so very happy and have felt more alert so all good.’
Lynne. Teacher, Busy Mum and Grandmother. UK. (Meal Plan Feedback)

‘It’s great having all the thinking done for me-thank you so much for creating such a fab meal plan.’
Megan. Teacher and Busy Mum. UK. (Meal Plans and Recipe Book Feedback)

‘It’s all going well, thank you! Enjoying the fact that my husband is on board and able to follow the recipes (he’s not the best cook, love him) Chilli last night was delish…’
Meg. Teacher. UK. (Meal Plan Feedback)

‘Loving the trail mix. I’m also loving the fact that I have all these yummy recipes that I haven’t had to think up.’
Liz, UK. (Meal Plan Feedback)

Healthy Hemp Recipes Book


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