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CBD Honey Sticks (10 x 10mg)


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10mg Full Spectrum CBD honey sticks x 10

End of stock! Once they are gone, they are gone!

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10 x Full Spectrum CBD Honey Sticks from Flawsome Jem:

A beautiful blend of organic honey and hemp extract.

10mg of CBD per 9g stick of organic honey infused with full spectrum CBD.

Bio degradable straws- we got to look after the environment!

Spread on toast, add to your cuppa, do some baking…the list is endless, what ever you like to do with regular honey, you can enjoy this the very same way.

Very handy for travelling too as in individual portions.

(You get 10 x honey sticks)

Once they are gone, they are gone! END OF LINE STOCK!

CBD Honey Sticks (10 x 10mg)


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