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Here I have included links for Products I Love and Use on a daily basis and Highly Recommend:

*Please be aware there maybe some links listed below that I may financially benefit from*

Good Hemp Foods:

I have personally tried all the products and absolutely love them all. I have the Protein Powders daily, my favourite is the Chocolate Gym Shake.

I also use daily with the Good Hemp Milk, both the regular one and unsweetened are fab.

The flours they have made are also fab, I always use for baking and always turn out with excellent results.

I use the Hemp Seeds in my cooking and baking and for snacking all the time too.

And I always use my Good Hemp Seed Oil for cooking and for salad dressings.

Hemp is an amazing product. Highly recommend trying today!!

-Also a fab hair mask or dry skin, body moisturiser. To buy please click on link above.

NewGen Superfoods Plus

Pink Superfood Powder-can be added to smoothies, drunk on it own with your choice of milk-my fave is with Good Hemp Milk, can be added to baking.

It’s so versatile and yummy. Check it out yourself!

Pure Chimp Matcha Tea: again I have tried all their products and I personally love all but think my favourite is the mint matcha and the matcha chocolate is pretty good too.

Great Lakes Collagen Protein: (link will take you to to show you the product I mean)

I use this daily, I like to add to my water to boost my collagen and protein. Has no flavour or taste. Made from grass fed beef collagen.

Younique Beauty Products:


Awesome, natural, high quality make up at excellent prices, I daily use the liquid foundation, setting powder and epic mascara. I also use and love the other products regularly but they are my fave, go to products. Click the title or image or here to check out my younique shop and purchase your own Younique Products. Enjoy 🙂

*  I have some advertising relationships with the stores I link below*

ProSource Sports equipment and accessories *a great place to get very reasonably priced, awesome quality health and fitness equipment to help you on your journeys. All you need, including weights, resistance bands, yoga mats, and much much more. Worldwide shipping available!


* Please be aware there maybe some links above that I may financially benefit from *

* I only recommended good quality natural, organic products that I have personally tried, tested and loved personally *

-For more info or any advice on the products I recommend please contact me directly:

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Please understand there are some links, that I may benefit from financially.

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