‘Absolutely brilliant 121 session with Jemma on Monday. I felt very comfortable and at ease with her, feeling I could ask any questions, however silly! She took me through various exercises and stretches, explaining what I was working and how long for-for a newbie like me this was invaluable. On the Monday evening, I received 4 separate circuits tailored to me with a follow up in a few days booked in to check progress. I actually looked forward to working out this morning. Thank you so much Jemma, you are a star!’

Keren. Singer, Musician and Teacher and a busy Mum. UK. (Personalised Support Feedback)

‘Thank you Jemma for inviting everyone to be a part of your community. You are so inspirational and it shows in what you have created here. I have utilised the resources you provide and I enjoy the educational tid-bits and support. You help me stay on track nutritionally and emotionally, thank you.’

Jacinda. US. (Group Support ‘Forever Flawsome’ Feedback)

‘Thank you for all your hard work and fabulousness. I may not use all of it now, but I am secure in the knowledge I have the info and help when I want it. You are an inspiration and going from strength to strength. Thank you, much love.’

Karen. Busy Mum of 3. UK. (Group Support ‘Forever Flawsome’ Feedback)

‘I have really enjoyed 7 Days to a More Flawsome You! Sometimes we need a reminder to drink more water or move more. The hemp milk was a big takeaway for me and I found the 7 Day Journal super helpful and lovely thing to write in daily. You’re building an amazing community.’

Laura D. Nurse and Mum of 3. UK. (7 Days to a More Flawsome You! Feedback)

‘Thank you so much for the 7 day kickstart, I really needed it an have been eating well and exercising more as a result! It came just at the right time for me and getting your daily messages kept me accountable but weren’t crazy asks, just small things that have made such a difference.’

Laura B. Manager. UK. (7Days to a More Flawsome You! Feedback)

‘I lost 4lbs so very happy and have felt more alert so all good.’

Lynne. Teacher, Busy Mum and Grandmother. UK. (7 Day Meal Plan Feedback)

‘It’s great having all the thinking done for me-thank you so much for creating such a fab meal plan.’

Megan. Teacher and Busy Mum. UK. (Meal Plans and Recipe Book Feedback)

‘I love being a part of this group. Rubbish few days but I’m smiling again thanks to your messages and from Jemma’s constant mentoring on and off scenes!’

Caroline, Solicitor and Busy Mum of 2. UK. (Group Support ‘Forever Flawsome’ Feedback)

‘It’s all going well, thank you! Enjoying the fact that my husband is on board and able to follow the recipes (he’s not the best cook, love him) Chilli last night was delish…’

Meg. Teacher. UK. (7 Day Meal Plan Feedback)

‘Loving the trail mix. I’m also loving the fact that I have all these yummy recipes that I haven’t had to think up.’

Liz, UK. (7 Day Meal Plan Feedback)

‘Can’t wait to start using, very well structured. All the girls in the office have been admiring it and want one too.’

Caroline P. Younique Presenter. UK. (90 Day Journal: ’90 Days to a More Flawsome You!’ Feedback)

‘Enjoying a fabulous CBD Columbian Coffee. 3 days in and my back pain is barely even there and feel a lot more chilled than stressed! CBD Gummy Bears for my little man, they are relaxing him, a lot more eye contact and focus-which is incredible. I give him for autism needs. All I can say is very, very happy. Thank you!’

Miranda, Busy Mum. UK. (CBD Coffee and CBD Gummy Bears Feedback)

‘I was so sceptical of CBD Oil but after reading and researching and speaking to Jemma, I came across this company and it’s safe to say I haven’t looked back. I vape it as and when I need to and have also cut down my medication for my condition in half. It won’t cure me but if it can relieve the symptoms and if it means I’m not consuming as many man made medicines as I was before, then I’m all for it. There is no harm in it, and if you are reading this review and are in two minds still, then my advice to you would be, give it a go and see how you feel.’

Lee, UK. (CBD Vape and Oils Feedback) 

‘I was in constant pain with my arthritis and really bad fatigue. Since taking your CBD Oil, I’ve noticed a massive difference. Less stiffness in the morning and generally less overall pain. A massive bonus is the fatigue has eased as well.’

Wendy, UK. (CBD Tincture Oil Feedback)

‘I have Fibromyalgia and using CBD just takes the edge of my pain, making daily life more bearable. I am also finding that I am not having as many flair ups. I highly recommend CBD in some form or other to all my Fibro warrior friends.’

Helen, UK. (CBD Oil, Vape and Bath Salts and Bombs Feedback)

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