‘I believe the hemp seeds are working, check this out: I knew by Exercising, eating healthy and adding these hemp seeds I could manage my blood pressure! I use every day in my smoothies on my toast and I sprinkle in my yogurt or use it as a topping on my chicken and fish like you suggested. When I first found out I had high blood pressure it was 160/102 which is dangerously high and I was under a lot of stress at that time. When I went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago it was 140/90. So about 3 weeks of getting in the right mindset so I didn’t have to to start another medication, I exercised daily, eat more veggies and fruit, use my hemp seeds daily and I am more in tune with not stressing over things I have no control over! I am having the I don’t give a shit attitude- lol!’

Kelly C, Wedding Planner and Busy Mum, USA. (Feedback on Recipe Book and from eating hemp seeds, following personalised support with Flawsome Jem.)

‘I’ve known Jemma for some years now and trust her knowledge, especially on all things CBD! So when she told me she was bringing out her own branded range of products I couldn’t wait to try – I’m so pleased I did!
Generally I take a cbd capsule a day, supplementing with the balm, roll-on or honey stick when I feel the need. I feel I can handle what life throws at me a little more calmly!
I recently used the Revive roll on when my sinuses were congested and painful and it helped a treat without making me sleepier. The Calm one was great when I had a nasty headache, easy to pop in the handbag or pocket for on the go relief!
The balm is fab when you need some soothing relief with aches and pains and won’t leave you with a greasy residue. Smells great too!
The honey sticks I have used since Jem bought them out and I have since introduced my husband to them. Great in hot drinks or just straight from the straw itself in a hurry
All in all Jem’s products are beautifully packaged, swiftly delivered, fully lab tested for your confidence & peace of mind and do exactly what they’re meant to! Keep up the excellent work Flawsome Jem.’

Keren D, Busy Mum and Singing Teacher, UK. (Feedback on Flawsome Jem CBD Products)

‘Enjoying a fabulous CBD Coffee. 3 days in and my back pain is barely even there and feel a lot more chilled than stressed! CBD Gummy Bears for my little man, they are relaxing him, a lot more eye contact and focus-which is incredible. I give him for autism needs. All I can say is very, very happy. Thank you!’

Miranda, Busy Mum. UK. (CBD Coffee and CBD Gummy Bears Feedback)

‘I was so sceptical of CBD Oil but after reading and researching and speaking to Jemma, I came across this company and it’s safe to say I haven’t looked back. I vape it as and when I need to and have also cut down my medication for my condition in half. It won’t cure me but if it can relieve the symptoms and if it means I’m not consuming as many man-made medicines as I was before, then I’m all for it. There is no harm in it, and if you are reading this review and are in two minds still, then my advice to you would be, give it a go and see how you feel.’

Lee, UK. (CBD Vape and Oils Feedback) 

‘I was in constant pain with my arthritis and really bad fatigue. Since taking your CBD Oil, I’ve noticed a massive difference. Less stiffness in the morning and generally less overall pain. A massive bonus is the fatigue has eased as well.’

Wendy, UK. (CBD Tincture Oil Feedback)

‘I have Fibromyalgia and using CBD just takes the edge of my pain, making daily life more bearable. I am also finding that I am not having as many flair ups. I highly recommend CBD in some form or other to all my Fibro warrior friends.’

Helen, UK. (CBD Oil, Vape and Bath Salts and Bombs Feedback.)

‘My son is autistic and daily life was incredibly difficult, meal times were non-existent, he couldn’t bear the sound of us eating, with his sensory issues, so he had to eat separately to us and tended to be more snacks. Now we are eating ‘proper’ meals as family together, every evening. Every night bedtime was a nightmare, could take up to 4 hours to get him to settle, now within minutes of going upstairs he’s asleep and sleeps for 7+ hours now, whereas before he was waking every couple of hours. What a difference. We all feel so much better for a full nights’ sleep. General day to day life is better, he has much more concentration and focus. Doing ‘simple’ things like popping to the shops is easier now too, as he used to find being ‘busy’ situations incredibly stressful but his anxiety is much improved. So very happy and so glad we took the plunge to try an alternative treatment, with such amazing results, wow! Thank you Jemma and CBD.’ 

Hannah T, Busy Mum, (CBD Gummy Bears and Oil Tincture Feedback)

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PLEASE NOTE: CBD is neither a medicine nor a cure for any illness and by no means do we make any medical claims. CBD can help to maintain and support your health and a healthy lifestyle.

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