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I’m Jemma, a Nutrition and Health Coach, I help Busy Parents, Look and Feel Healthier again through Quick and Easy Meal Plans and Group Support. So that You can get back to Feeling like You Used To.

I’m based in the south of England, UK, but I want to help you, all around the world.

I started my own weight loss journey September 2014 and have since lost and maintained 9 stone, about 130lb.

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Since losing weight I have discovered a passion for Nutrition, Health and Fitness and want to share what I’ve learnt along my journey and would love to help others on their own Healthy journeys.

I know, from experience how hard it can be to try to lose weight, mentally and physically, and also lead a busy life and then either not be successful or to put any loss back on, well my approach is different, let me show you an easier way.

I am qualified EQF Level 5 in Nutrition, Sports and Exercise Nutrition, and Fitness Coaching. Let me help you take the steps to a more Flawsome you!


Lots of love,

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