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I have been judge for the Hemp and CBD Expo Awards twice now, Autumn 19 & Spring 20. What an honour and I got to meet some incredible and inspirational people. I even announced and gave out some awards this time.

Educating & Empowering You All Things CBD!

What is CBD?
Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD is one of many active compounds found on the Cannabis & Hemp. CBD is non-psychoactive…

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New Supplement Range with the added bonus of CBD…

  • Boost,
  • Chill,
  • Sleepy

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Educating & Empowering You All Things CBD!

The CBD Guide from Flawsome Jem

  • Learn more about CBD and the ECS, Methods & Effects for using CBD,
  • How to start out with CBD,
  • Finding Your ‘Sweet’ Spot,
  • My Dosage Guide
  • & much more…
‘These gummies are soo yummy! These also don’t leave you with a nasty after taste like some other brand gummies do – I would highly recommend trying these if you get the chance.’
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Flawsome Jem, Educating & Empowering You All Things CBD! Offering no obligation advice and a large range of affordable, lab tested, FSA Approved  CBD Products, including;

– Broad Spectrum Tinctures,

– Gummies,

– Tabz.

– Bath Products, 

– Skin Care Products.

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