Crystal Magic (Instant Access / Self Study / 4 Week Course)


✨ Crystal Magic ✨

4 week meditation & crystals course from Flawsome Jem.

Self study, via weekly emails, get started today!

Heal your mind, body & soul

– Weekly meditations with accompanying workbooks to help you activate your inner healing force!

Week 1: Nurturing; Rose Quartz

Week 2: Grounding; Black Tourmaline

Week 3: Guidance; Clear Quartz

Week 4: Power: Citrine


✨ Crystal Magic ✨

4 week meditation & crystals self study course from Flawsome Jem.

Self study, 4 week email course, instant access!

🙏🏽 Heal your mind, body & soul 🙏🏽

– Weekly emails with weekly meditations, accompanying workbooks, for daily & weekly journaling to help you activate your inner healing force!

Week 1: Nurturing; Rose Quartz

Week 2: Grounding; Black Tourmaline

Week 3: Guidance; Clear Quartz

Week 4: Power; Citrine

** Bonus: Crystal & Meditation Workshop ✨ **


The magical healing power of crystals speak for themselves and over the last few years, their power had really intensified for me ✨

During lockdown I would use crystals daily as part of my self care and meditation routines and continued to learn more, their energies excite me 💚✨ I personally now use daily as part of my meditation routines to intensify the energies and powers of the meditation and the crystals. They help me in so many ways!


This is why I am so passionate about bringing you CRYSTAL MAGIC into your life as a tool to help take back your power & regain clarity, so you can start living your best life forever!

1. Crystals Can Help You Attract Positive Energy:

Healing crystals are primarily believed to contain purifying energies that can cleanse the negativity in and around the wearer. Therefore, the crippling effects of negative energy can be reduced by wearing adequate gemstones that not only helps with keeping pessimism and despair at bay but also attracts positivity and optimism.

In fact, some stones are powerful enough to destroy all negativity and influence the wearer and those around them with ease and assurance. Certain stones that possess the aforementioned attributes are Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Jade and Citrine.

2. Crystals Can Help Keep You Calm & Composed:

Since ancient times, gemstones or healing crystals have been known to possess numerous beneficial properties. Among the large pool of advantages, gemstones are mostly known for their calming effects and serenity. Gemstones have the ability to fill the wearer with warmth, leading them to have a composed and poised personality.

Being governed by suitable gemstones can motivate the wearer and guide them through the most demanding paths with a brilliant presence of mind. Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone and Green Aventurine are a few examples of gemstones that specialise in this category.

3. Crystals Can Help Nurture Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Healing:

Each healing stone or crystal possesses distinctive attributes and has unique healing abilities. Leveraging these powerful characteristics, the wearer can trigger the inner healing procedure making it easier to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. They do it by positively mixing with the body’s energy field, also known as the chakras. Some of the most commonly used gemstones that can trigger natural physical healing and reduce stress or anxiety are Amethyst, Opal, Rose and Rhodonite.

4. Crystals Can Help Improve Concentration Power & Creative Mindset:

Wearing healing crystals or keeping them close to the body can activate certain positive traits in the wearer. Apart from activating physical healing, it can also prompt concentration and creativity. The examples of numerous celebrities who started wearing specific gemstones at the lowest points in their careers are enough to prove the power of crystals in encouraging creativity and artistic abilities.

Gemstones such as Blue Quartz, Blue Tiger’s Eye, Clear Quartz, Green Quartz and Hematite and prevalent for clearing the wearer’s mind with unnecessary thoughts and initiating focused concentration.

5. Crystals Have The Power To Transform One’s Life:

The aesthetically pleasing healing stones or crystals have various abilities to transform one’s life. In fact, some of these gemstones are so powerful that they can influence the lives of those around the wearer too. Whether you are struggling with negative emotions, going through distressed financial situations, having difficulties maintaining relationships or some chronic disease, these healing stones may help you with almost every problem related to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. A few examples of healing crystals that can change your life are Sodalite, Citrine, Blue Aventurine, Red Jasper and Black Onyx.

Amazing hey? And pretty powerful! 💥

And just typing all this out, I seriously can’t believe I am selling this for only £99!

Absolute no brainier!

So if you want to be empowered, healed & start living your best life forever, start crystal magic today and discover the magic and powers of crystals & meditation!

Crystal Magic (Instant Access / Self Study / 4 Week Course)


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