Coping this Festive Season

Hey there my Flawsome friend,
How you doing? Hope the day sees you well.
With Christmas and the end of the year approaching it has got me thinking.
We all struggle this time of year with ‘trying to be healthy’ so I thought I’d share my ideas for how to cope this festive season.

1. Be Positive: We all have moments of negativity especially when we don’t like what we see in the mirror, on the scales or even if we have just had a ‘bad’ meal or workout. Throughout the process, you need to learn to snap out of that negative mindset and focus on the positives. Being positive will not only make you feel better about yourself but will help you progress further. Working daily on Mindset and Selfcare is so important.

2. Be Realistic: When setting your goals make sure they are realistic. Having goals that are unrealistic means you are most likely less able to reach them which in turn will make you feel demotivated. For example; trying to get to a weight you were 20 years ago will most likely not happen now.

3. Be Ready: A lot of us think we are ready to start a nutrition or fitness plan when we are not. There is no point wanting to make a change if you are just going to half ass it! You will need to accept that you must make some lifestyle changes in order to reach your goals. (Why not check out my 90 day journal with planners and trackers for your own journey.)

4. Be Accountable: It’s very easy to pass blame or make excuses for why your healthy eating or exercise isn’t going to plan. But it is you that is in control and you must be accountable for the decisions you make. PT’s, Coaches and Nutritionists can only help you so much, it is you who must take responsibility for the work you do and don’t put in.

5. Be Prepared: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! One of the only ways to keep on track is by making sure you are prepared. Set some time aside to meal prep for the week, plan your workouts or simply just pack your gym bag the night before. You will see more results if you are properly prepared. (Check out my Quick and Easy, Family Friendly Meal Plans with everything but the shopping and cooking done for you)

6. Be Confident: There is nothing wrong with loving the way you feel. We so often put ourselves down, look for negatives in our bodies or never accept a compliment. Try saying thank you of someone compliments you, find something you love about you or just be selfish for a little bit each day. This will make you feel and look so much more confident in yourself which will do great things for your self esteem and progress.

7. Be Accepting: There needs to be a point where you accept yourself. You don’t want to reach your goals or lose the weight you wanted and still not be happy. We might want to look like a 6ft3 model but if you are only 5ft, this is never going to happen. Each one of us is different, who we are and what we do. We just have to work with what we have and making it the best possible version.

I’ll leave it there for today, you’re Flawsome!
Lots of love,
Jem xoxo
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Coping this Festive Season

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