Getting Confused and Setting Goals 

Better late than never…….Happy New Year all! Hope those who celebrated had a good holiday.
With it being the start of the year it seems everyone is starting their new ‘diets’ and making New Years resolutions. Well not me, I am continuing my healthy lifestyle, approaching all in life with balance. What are you guys doing this new year?
This bought me on to thinking about misleading comments we see and hear……
So we hear these negative things all the time, whether it’s:
• ‘Eating carbs makes you fat.’
• ‘Eating more protein will bulk you out.’
• ‘Lifting weights isn’t for girls.’
• ‘Eating fats makes you fat.’
• ‘Diet drinks are better for you than regular versions’
• ‘Low Fat will help you lose weight’
• ‘Sweeteners (canderel/sweetex,etc) are better for me than sugars’
And of course lots of other negative quotes and opinions. The list could go on forever.

Well in my opinion, all of them are rubbish! And incredibly confusing……….
There are so many diets/meal/ workout plans on the market, promising to give you that perfect body, in X, Y and Z. Well the honest answer is yes, they will work when following them to a T, but you have to think to yourself, is this something I can do long-term, follow for life? And if the answer is no, then my advice to you is stop and look into what you could improve on.

Everyone is different and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Yes if you eat too much of a good thing, it doesn’t necessarily stay a good thing.
Everything in moderation.

I overheard a conversation the other day and it really got to me. But I think it’s because of all this confusing and conflicting advice that people hear/see/receive that causes a lot of people to stop before they have even began or start with loads of motivation and it soon fizzles out and you are back to square one or in a worse place than you were before.
So back to this conversation, picture this, a very overweight person, talking to another over weight person and they were talking about me and how different I am now and in a kind of jealous way. They were saying well she obviously can’t go out or have fun if she is keeping her weight off, going on about how boring it must be. I didn’t interrupt because I felt it would have been blown out of proportion and I may of said something I shouldn’t off or something being taken the wrong way, so kept my mouth shut. But the conversation carried on and I just stood there in disbelief. Apparently having 6 cups of coffee for breakfast is better than 8-why would anyone need that much coffee at breakfast, infact all day? And if you drink lemonade, it is better than diet coke! Wtf how?! Both are fizzy drinks?! Another thing that made me chuckle, she is obviously wanting to live a healthier lifestyke and lose weight but only wanting to lose 14 pounds instead of the 100 odd pounds that she needs to, to be in a healthy BMI, just because she doesn’t want to look old?! WTF? The world has gone crazy! Surely health is more important?! Shocked!! Crazy!!

This is the trouble people get given wrong/bad/conflicting advice and it just confuses/brainwashes them.

Yes, by not eating good, healthy, balanced meals, yes it will cause you to gain weight and lose muscle tone. As will not working out on a regular basis. But you also don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself. Yes, you have to make changes to get changes, but they also need to be realistic. It’s all about balance.

My advice to you is rather than set strict New Years resolutions why not set yourself bite-sized realistic goals, it could be anything that important to you, here’s a few suggestions:
‘I will work-out 3 times this week’
‘I will eat healthier Monday-Friday’
‘I will not have that chocolate bar with lunch’
‘I will NOT have that glass of wine every day after work, to relax’
‘I will set my phone on airplane mode half an hour before bed’
‘I will set my alarm half an hour earlier each morning to set some time aside for myself each day’
‘I will be proud of myself’
‘ I will drink more water today’
Of course, there are so many goals you can set yourself, but make them achievable, and reward yourself when you complete them. It’s amazing how small rewards can keep you going strong. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a financial reward but something that means a lot to you.

Write down your goals and how long you would like to take to achieve them and what your reward will be when you complete. Writing down your goals in black and white and having it visible, makes it real. And update with new goals as you achieve them, to keep your motivation flowing.

Try it……
Set those goals and smash them! I know you will! Let me know how it goes, would love to hear how you are doing.
Thank you again for taking the time to read and any future posts you would like to see, just get in touch. I want to share what you want to read.

On that note, enjoy the rest of your weekend and don’t forget to stay flawsome my friend.
Lots of love
Jem 💪🏽💚 xx
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Getting Confused and Setting Goals 

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