Hemp based Recipe Books

Happy Hemp Day!
I’ve been sharing my own products a lot of social media lately but not on my blog so I today, I thought I would remind you all about my hemp based recipe books I have available to buy. Especially as I have recently updated them and made them even better!

I currently have 4 recipe book options:

  • Flawsome Healthy Recipes and Success Guide,
  • Flawsome CBD Hemp Recipes and What is CBD, Cooking with CBD,
  • Flawsome Hemp Recipes,
  • Flawsome Healthy Snacks.

All my recipe books and meal plans are hemp food based, as I love and live off hemp and I consider it to be a highly nutritious superfood. I have hemp in some form every day.
Find out more about the benefits of eating hemp here!

All my recipes are:

  • Easy to Follow Recipes
  • Hemp foods based (Hemp Seeds, Oil and Protein)
  • No hard to find ingredients
  • Family Friendly
  • Eat Whole Real Foods
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Colourful and Yummy Meals
  • All created by Flawsome Jem and tried and tested by my ‘Forever Flawsome’

Flawsome Healthy Recipes and Success Guide, includes:

  • Drinks
  • Breakfasts
  • Green Smoothies
  • Snacks
  • Main Meals
  • Healthy Carbs and Sides.

I have recently updated my recipe book to include:

  • my nutrition advice,
  • shopping lists,
  • food swaps,
  • self care advice and ideas,
  • affirmations and gratitudes,
  • my tips tips
  • and blank planners and journal pages to help you succeed.

Flawsome CBD Hemp Recipes and What is CBD, How to Cook with CBD:

A selection of Flawsome Jem’s own Hemp based Recipes infused with CBD.
Learn more about CBD, how to cook with CBD and the best products to use.
Also includes:

  • Selfcare Tips and Ideas,
  • Blank planners and journal to help you succeed even more.

Only £10!
Flawsome Hemp Recipes:

As I love and believe in the health benefits of hemp so much. I use hemp so much, in lots of my recipes, so I thought I’d create a recipe book of just hemp based recipes.
All are quick and easy and family friendly.
Also includes:

  • my self care and affirmation pages,
  • meal and workout planners
  • and my journal page to help you get some plans in place and help you succeed even more.

All this for only £5!
Flawsome Healthy Snacks Recipe Book:

A selection of my favourite hemp based healthy snacks. Also includes:

  • self care and affirmation ideas,
  • my blank planners and journal pages
  • and more to help you succeed on your healthy journey.

All this for only £5!
If you would like to buy any of my recipe books, simply hit the image and will divert you Hannabis website so you can purchase and download your pdf recipe book. Any questions or problems please shout, I’m always here and happy to help.
If you would like to know more about my recipe books, just ask.

Sharing some client love about my Recipe Books:
‘I lost 4lbs so very happy and have felt more alert so all good.’
Lynne. Teacher, Busy Mum and Grandmother. UK. (7 Day Meal Plan Feedback)
‘It’s great having all the thinking done for me-thank you so much for creating such a fab meal plan.’
Megan. Teacher and Busy Mum. UK. (Meal Plans and Recipe Book Feedback)
‘It’s all going well, thank you! Enjoying the fact that my husband is on board and able to follow the recipes (he’s not the best cook, love him) Chilli last night was delish…’
Meg. Teacher. UK. (7 Day Meal Plan Feedback)
‘Loving the trail mix. I’m also loving the fact that I have all these yummy recipes that I haven’t had to think up.’
Liz, UK. (7 Day Meal Plan Feedback)
You’re Flawsome!
Lots of love,
Jem xoxo
P.S. Buy one of my recipe books for yourself!
P.P.S. Wanna learn more about CBD? Why not join my CBD community here! It’s free!
New to my world?
I’m Jem /Flawsome Jem.
A CBD Health Coach.
Look and Feel Healthier, via CBD Products, my own Hemp based Recipe Books and Meal Plans, 90 Day Journal and Group Support.
Start Living the Life YOU Deserve!

Hemp based Recipe Books

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