4 Unique Ways to Use Crystals

An alternative way to enjoy the beauty of a crystal while still benefiting from their positive and healing energies, is by purchasing a crystal accessory.


A common type of accessory made from crystals is jewellery, but there are also more unique ways crystals are being used these days.


Below are descriptions on some of the different ways you can incorporate crystals into your daily lifestyle: 


Prayer bead Jewellery:


This is a wonderful way to keep your crystal’s energy close to your heart. This is a way to energetically inspire feelings of courage, peace, and hope into your daily life. It is also a beautiful way to always carry your crystals with you.

You do not need to be affiliated with any traditional religion to use prayer beads.

When you have moments of anxiety or doubt, take a deep and simply rotate each crystal stone through your fingers.

As you hold each bead, repeat out loud or in your mind a positive mantra such as “everything is alright”, “just breathe”, or ”release.”


Sex Toys:


Crystal sex toys can help you get in touch with your sexual energy, overcome negative feelings, and, best of all, orgasm.

There are many different types of sex toys now made with crystals.

Things to consider when choosing one are the size, shape, and crystal properties.

Most importantly you should go with whatever one you are most drawn to and let your intuition decide.

These crystal sex toys mix their energies with your own sexual energies to harness wonderful amounts of pleasure. These kinds of tools can be especially helpful for those who may feel stuck in a sexual rut.




Crystal pipes are also a new unique way to interact with your crystal.

Crystal pipes can harness a powerful energy that enhances positive forces.

This is a wonderful option for people who use medical marijuana to manage health conditions.

It also works wonderfully for people who enjoy smoking other kinds of herbs. They are beautiful and unique and can help to promote unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, and infinite peace. 


Water Bottles:


You can now find beautiful crystals in lux reusable water bottles.

This is a perfect option for people who enjoy gemstone elixirs. The thought behind this is that the crystal will eminent their beautiful vibrations and energy into your water.

If you want, you can even fill the bottle with water and set it out to charge on the night of the full moon either on a windowsill or in your backyard.

This is a wonderful way to periodically recharge your crystals.



4 Unique Ways to Use Crystals
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