Being Present and Mindful

Hey there my Flawsome friend,
Hope the day is seeing you well?
Today I wanted to talk about something that I think is so important for your mind and health, Being Present and Mindful!
It seems to be something that’s coming up a lot with clients, friends and loved ones, and even on the TV, with how they are struggling with ‘being present’ and enjoying every day things.
I don’t watch a lot of TV but, was watching recently and an English comedian called Greg Davies was doing a stand up show called, ‘Flinging Cheezballs at a Dog’s Head’, random title I know but when he explained his reasoning behind it, it was basically about being present and enjoying each moment for what it is and move on.
I took a lot from this stand up sketch, in which he was basically taking the **** out of people he knew, in a good way-friends, family, kids he had taught, colleagues, etc.
So really normal everyday things and each one of those things/people were part of special ‘moments’, shall we say, about being really present in the moment. So this got me on to thinking about past events in my life where I have felt truly present and enjoying the moment.
When I actually sit and think there is so many opportunities where I could of been more present but I’m learning. I do have lots though when I do think about it.
They aren’t always joyous but memorable. Our mind is a clever and powerful thing!
One moment I can pin point immediately as ‘being present’ was when I was about 4 years old  and I was visiting my Grandma after school and we took the dog for a walk, growing up on a farm we had loads of places we could go with the dogs, but this particular day, Grandma chose to walk the lane, I was leading Judy, her black and white Sheepdog and something must of startled her or she wanted to hunt, because all of a sudden Judy took off with me attached to her by the lead. I remember clear as day being dragged down that tarmac lane and just letting go and banging my head on the ground, next thing I remember is having a head x ray at Stoke Mandeville Hospital (our local hospital) I remember the lights and the doctors all standing around me, checking I was ok.
Somehow I was incredibly lucky and had only bruised my head. Isn’t it amazing though how quickly things can change, so really appreciate and enjoy each moment, and be present in that moment so that you can really enjoy it.
Life is for living after all!
Every emotion should be approached in this way too, if you’re feeing sad and want to cry, let the tears flow, really feel that emotion but then but then pull yourself back together and get back to it.
Write down some ‘memorable’ moments of your life and really cherish them!
If you’re at a party and really happy and enjoying it, take a step back to really think how you’re feeling, remember that moment and cherish it.
On you’re wedding day (I remember someone telling me this and it’s so true) the day flies by so fast, you almost need it to happen twice, once to go through the motions and another to actually feel and enjoy the day, just remember it’s all about you and you’re partner, not anyone else.
With laughter really feel that laughter, how’s it making you feel, what are you doing, wearing, feeling, etc?
Journalling is a great way to record feelings and moments of enjoyment. I like to start each morning with intention for what I plan to do for the day and then I reflect at the end of each day and note down how things have been, how I feeling, whats been doing on, etc. I like that I can look back on my days and she how far I’ve come/progressed, etc. It’s awesome, if you don’t already do give it a try today!
Are you mindful of being present in everyday things you do?
I’d love to hear from you and hear you’re story/stories.
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I’ll leave it there for today my Flawsome friend, I’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s post……..!
You’re Flawsome!!
Lots of love,
Jem xoxo 


Being Present and Mindful

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