CBD and Running

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I’ve had a few of you reach out to me asking if CBD can be beneficial with exercise and in particular running, so I thought I’d cover it a bit for you today.

So CBD for Runners: How can it Help?
Although CBD has only been in the spotlight for a few short years, its already being used widely amongst those in the running community.
Whether running city streets or taking it off the beaten path and onto the trail or up in the hills, training for a marathon or simply running for pleasure, CBD has become a standard staple for many people who run regularly.

The benefits of CBD, stem from the way cannabidiol brings balance to the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). If you’re a runner, you’re likely familiar with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) without even knowing it.
The “Runner’s high”, just like the high from THC are both considered to be directly connected to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).
Running for a long period triggers the release of the anandamide (aka the “bliss molecule”), a neurotransmitter and cannabinoid produced in the brain that binds to cannabinoid receptors and has a very similar structure to THC. It’s the chemical responsible for putting you in “the zone”, as well as for producing the ‘high’ cannabis is known for.
But what about cannabis without the high for people who like to run?
Specifically, CBD.
While CBD doesn’t activate cannabinoid receptors in the brain, it has shown to moderately inhibit the degradation of anandamide by working against the enzyme responsible for breaking down the bliss molecule.
What this means for you as a runner is an increase in the runner’s high you experience.
Runners who use CBD, however, aren’t exactly doing it to increase the natural high they experience.
CBD is commonly used to regulate pain, soothe sore muscles, and reduce inflammation, amongst many other benefits, and it’s these reasons CBD for runners is something that makes sense
Could CBD help you with your exercise or running?
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CBD and Running

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