How to get past your trauma with self care without breaking the bank

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How to Get Past Your Trauma With Self-Care Without Breaking the Bank


If you find that you constantly feel stressed or anxious and you believe it comes from past trauma, then you need to start thinking more about practising self-care and living a healthy lifestyle. The better you feel, the more likely you are to get past your stress and have a fulfilling future. Here at Flawsome Jem, we love to help people feel good and release stress, so we have some great tips for how you can incorporate self-care without spending a lot of time or money.


The First Step Is to Seek Help


When a past trauma is leading to excess stress and anxiety, you need to first take the step of talking to a professional so you can understand your issues and move on from there. Talking to a therapist can do wonders because you can unload your problems and find a proper path. People who don’t have time to drive to a therapist or pay to see one can save by speaking to a therapist online. Virtual therapy is safe and secure and you can log on anytime that you are available. Plus, you often have the chance to have a free consultation to see if that therapist is right for you before you commit.


If you are still hesitant to visit a therapist then you need to speak to someone else. Find a friend that you trust and spend some time talking about life and see if that person can be a partner that will help you through this.


Manage Your Negative Emotions


Now that you are talking to a professional, you need to think about how you can properly manage your negative emotions so that you don’t take them out on others. The best way to go is to let out your feelings in a safe medium, like writing in a journal. That way, you get them out and you don’t offend anyone in the process. You can also give yourself time to relax by doing things you love like taking walks or reading a favourite book.


Managing emotions is especially important for small business owners because not thinking out your responses can hinder your communication with your staff and the customers. You can try to cope with these “neg-emotions” by distracting yourself from work when it becomes too overbearing by closing your office door and reading a chapter out of that favourite book. You can also find a trusted college that you can vent to so you can return to work feeling refreshed.


Shut Off Your Phone


If you are already anxious then looking at your phone all day will only make things worse. When we stare at social media all day, we start to feel worse about ourselves and we forget to live our own lives. Plus, the blue light that phones emit also disrupts your sleep so you’ll wake up feeling stressed, and that is not the right way to start your day.


Get Out Into Nature


If you want to maximise your self-care for your body and mind then all you have to do is start spending more time in nature. In fact, simply by taking hikes and strolling through the park, you will burn calories and breathe in the fresh air that is essential for clearing your lungs and lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. There is also a great mental health benefit to being outside because that same fresh air is great for clearing your mind and improving your concentration. The best thing about walking outside is that it is totally free and you can walk for as long as you want.


As you can see, there are many ways that you can fight your stress and feel better overall without spending a lot of time or money. Consider these tips and do things that you love and you will get through this tough spot.


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A bit about the author:
Eleanor Wyatt is a workplace wellness expert and writer. She created Remote Work Wellness to provide advice to the growing remote workforce. She thinks it’s essential that people who work remotely be proactive about their health, and that’s what her site is all about. The resources she provides on her site are carefully curated from reputable sources and personal experiences to help people who work remotely care for their bodies and minds.
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How to get past your trauma with self care without breaking the bank
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