My Foundation for Health

Hey there my Flawsome friend,
Hope you’re having a good day?
Today I wanted to share with you what I consider the best solid Foundations for Good Overall Health and Wellbeing.
I like to think of myself as you would a house.
A house wouldn’t be complete or strong without walls, a roof, a door and windows, with a path leading up to the front door.
You are thinking now, how is this relevant to my health?

Well I like to think of these important house components as a good Foundation for our Health.
Path as the Water
Walls as the Self Care and Stress Management
Door as Movement (exercise)
Windows as Sleep
Roof as Nutrition.
foundations to health image
I find if you can manage to balance, all these, then you will be your healthier, strongest, best version of you.
You’re probably thinking how is this relevant and how do I get these foundations in balance and live a happy, healthy life?
Well it’s not an over night process or job, this is something I still continue to work on daily, even now.
Living a healthy lifestyle is not about strict diet limitations, trying to be unrealistically thin or depriving yourself of the foods you love.
For me, it’s all about feeling great, having more energy, improving my outlook on life and stabilising my mood.
There is some very overwhelming and conflicting diet advice out there, don’t be discouraged, you’re not alone.
Let me help you cut thought all this confusion and learn how to create a healthier lifestyle that is good for mind and body.
Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle, become fitter, feel better, feel stronger, have more energy, let me help you achieve a healthier improved you.

Why are these things so important for our overall health?
I’ve linked several previous blog posts in the sections below for much more in depth information on the individual subjects.

You want to stay hydrated, keep your body functioning correctly, flush the body of any toxins and keep your energy levels up.
(Read a post I wrote a while back on the Importance of Water)

Getting a good 7-8 hours rest a night will help rest the body and repair and rebuild muscles, while you are sleeping and having a good night’s sleep helps regulates yours hormones.
(Read a post I wrote a while back talking about Sleep)

Fuelling our bodies with the best quality, nutritious food we can, will give us the energy we need and more and will ensure it is working to it’s best potential.
Some helpful blog posts regarding nutrition, I have previously written;
Why I don’t skip meals
Why I don’t weight myself
Enjoying yourself without guilt

I say Movement over exercise as the word exercise can be scary and every movement counts. Keep it varied, do regularly and enjoy it. I like to do a mixture of HIIT, Pilates, Barre and Yoga. I move every day but 4-5 x a week I’ll plan specific workouts and then the other days are more active recovery, so walking yoga, stretching, etc.
Read a post I wrote a back about Making Exercise Fun!

This comes in many forms for so many different people, it’s all about making it work for you. I like to journal, meditate and make time for me every day.
Read some blog posts I wrote a while back about Self Care, Mindset and Looking after YOU!
So how are your foundations in balance for you?
Which area(s) could do with some more attention/work?
I like to get out pen and paper and get it down on paper so I can see where I need to adjust and get back in balance.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect by any manner of means but I’m a million times healthier than I was and I am aware of myself and what I am doing to look after and support my body.
I’ll leave it there for today my Flawsome friend, if you would like some support on your own healthy journey, let’s chat!
You’re Flawsome!
Lots of love,
Jem xoxo
P.S. Don’t forget if you would like some support making some changes, I’m here.

My Foundation for Health

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