Interview with Holly Hitchen

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Real Life Stories, Volume 1 from Love Thy Body Project.

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I have some more interviews to share in a daily series with each best selling co author of our book.

Today we have Holly Hitchen. I’ll hand over to you, Holly…

Name, Age & Location:

Holly Hitchen


Woking, Surrey, UK

Tell us a bit about you...

I’m married to Martin, we have 2 kids who are age 9 and 7.

I’m a music therapist and works with both children and adults with a range of different needs.

Holly also runs her own business called Little Bear’s Music which provides live music making classes for children up to 4yrs.

In her spare time Holly enjoys playing and listening to music, reading, being outdoors and catching up with friends.

Why did you decide to share your story?

It was a really difficult decision to make but I thought that it would help me process my emotions relating to everything that had happened.

I have always internalised my emotions, which isn’t healthy.

I also wanted to help other people who have been through similar situations by showing them they are not alone.

Name of your chapter and a sneaky peek...

This is Me!

‘ I was traumatised as I had been asked whether I wanted to save myself or the baby – a decision that I now know I should not have been asked to make. ‘

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A bit about the book & What is Love Thy Body Project?

Serena Novelli, Laura Bland and Ana Bonasera are out to change the world by
empowering women to love the skin they are in.

23 real women share their stories of overcoming life’s challenges in a new
collaboration book.

All too often women grow up feeling that they are not enough – not smart enough,
not slim enough, not pretty enough, the list goes on.

Love Thy Body Project was founded in September 2019 with the focus of helping women across the globe to step into their power and be true to themselves.

Utilising workshops, both online and in person (pre-covid), live trainings via social media, blogs, radio interviews, magazine interviews and more, Serena, Laura and Ana have already been able to reach out and help thousands of women.

With a combined social media following of over 22,000 their aim is to continue to grow and make
waves in the world of self-love and body confidence.

Life is never simple or straight forward, we all experience ups and downs, we each
have different challenges and we each deal with them differently.

In the first of what Ana Bonasera, Laura Bland, Serena Novelli
will be a series of books Serena, Laura and Ana help 23 inspirational women to share their stories.

This is not your average book and is not a simple case of learning to love and
appreciate perceived flaws.

Within this book there are 23 unique stories covering mental health issues, domestic abuse, surviving cancer, overcoming the body’s own perceived failings, childhood bullying and so much more.

23 amazing women have bonded, lifted each other up and held space for each other as they shared their writing journey.

Most of these ladies have never embarked on a project like this before.

They have now bared their soul to empower, inspire, uplift and support other women.

The book is due to be released mid November 2020 in both Kindle and paperback format.

Previously featured in/on: BBC Radio Leicester, BBC Radio Oxford, The Loughborough
Echo, The Leicester Mercury, Elastic FM, How To Look Good Naked, Fit and Well
Magazine, Fabulous Magazine, Best, BBC Oxford News, Solihull Radio, plus many

Interview with Holly Hitchen
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