Using Reiki to Clear Negative Energies in Your Home

It is nice to live in a home that is filled with love and light. A house that is enveloped in love and light can help with our growth and healing.

A house that is enveloped in negative vibrations can drain us of energy and impede our progress. Homes are pretty much like crystals. They are energy sensitive and tend to pick up negative energies rather fast. Dirt, clutter, negative people, certain television shows, lack of air circulation and the like tend to make homes dark and heavy.

If you practise Reiki regularly, you can easily tune in to the vibrations of your home. You will sense when the energies don’t feel right. It would be wise to clear your home of negativities on a regular basis and certainly when you sense that it has absorbed negative energies.

Reiki and incense work well together.

They can clean up your home and restore it to a vibration of love and light. However, you will need to ensure that your house is physically clean first. It is more difficult to clear homes that are poorly maintained and in unhygienic conditions.

Once your house is physically clean, you can proceed to clean it further with the energy of incense and Reiki.

Using Usui Reiki & Incense to Cleanse your home:

  1. Light some incense. Trust your intuition and use the amount of incense that feels right to you on any given day.
  2. Walk around the entire house (living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, garage etc) with the incense, allowing its fragrance and smoke to fill every nook and corner.
  3. If you use incense sticks, you can make circular movements with the sticks as you cleanse the house.
  4. As you walk around with the incense, keep saying “Cho Ku Rei, Cho Ku Rei, Cho Ku Rei……” and intend that Reiki flows. Visualise the symbol multiplying and flooding your entire house. The symbol Cho Ku Rei works well for clearing spaces. (skip this step if you aren’t attuned to Usui Reiki)
  5. Give extra attention to places that have been cut off from air circulation for long periods. Some examples would be the spaces behind thick curtains and doors, inside wardrobes, store rooms etc. Make sure the fragrant smoke reaches all those areas. Allow your intuition to be your guide and let the smoke flow to all the places that you sense need extra cleansing.
  6. After clearing all the rooms in the house, set up the incense in an incense holder. Place the incense holder in a central location of the house. As the incense burns out, its fragrant smoke will continue to flow throughout the house thereby clearing residual energies.
  7. Draw a big Cho Ku Rei in the air and request it to stay over your house, thereby keeping its energy clean and pure.
  8. As always, remember to express your gratitude to the incense and to Reiki for helping you clean up your home.

Once you make clearing your home a regular practice, you will have zero tolerance for negative energies in your home.

The lightness, joy and peace that come from living in a home that is physically and energetically clean will get you addicted to this enjoyable clearing practice!




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Using Reiki to Clear Negative Energies in Your Home
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