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Something a bit different for this weeks post, I’ve teamed up with some Flawsome ‘Super Mum’s’ and this week those incredible ladies guest blog with me, we will be sharing our stories on being a role model to those around us.

Today I want to talk about being a role model to those around us.
As I’ve said above this is a slightly diff post to usual as I’ve teamed up with some amazing women, who I regard ‘superwomen’.
They both have completely different lives and backgrounds, but they totally rock at being parents, something I can’t personally speak about so I wanted to team up with some super mums and let them have a say about this. Not being a parent myself, I felt this was a subject I needed some help with.
‘I believe Children are our future, so we need to educate them the right way to lead long, healthy futures themselves and their future families.’
‘If we don’t educate them how to lead healthy lives and a healthy mindset, then I seriously worry for the future. This world is a scary place, as is, let’s not make worse, let’s make life easier and simpler for all!’  (Sorry to be a bit miserable, but it’s true!)

Anyway back to my Flawsome ladies, I’ve teamed up with, here’s their stories and why I’ve chosen them 🙂
Laura Davies-Busy Coach Mum Laura.

A ‘SuperMum’ right here! Laura to me is one incredible lady, a super fit mum! She works nights as a nurse, has her own business as a fitness coach and has 3 young children, a husband and house to look after, as well as totally smashing a healthy lifestyle. Incredible! And such an inspiration, go Laura! Check out her pages below!
Laura’s Facebook Page
Laura’s Beach Body Link
Laura’s Motivational Instagram Page

My name is Laura, I’m a mum of 3, I work nights as a nurse and have a passion for working out 🏋️‍♀️
I started to exercise properly after my daughter was born (now 6) it started off as more of a bit of a break from her constant crying, I soon noticed the baby weight was starting to drop off. Although it always remained more about my sanity more than my weight during those early years.
6 years later some may call me obsessed as I love to workout daily. Mainly because that 30- 60 mins a day is my time to be me, do something for me and also keep myself physically healthy for my children.
Obviously having young children can make it challenging to workout. I tried the whole gym thing but it would take all morning, by the time I’d driven there, settled them in crèche, done an hours class and showered it was lunch time already. Also the cost at nearly £5 per child it was very expensive!! So I turned to home workouts and buggy runs. These both work perfectly for me. There is no commute and not childcare cost. Over time the children know that’s mummy’s time and I always make sure they are fed, watered and have something to keep them entertained while I jump around the lounge. By working out at home in front of them they are watching and seeing that exercise and healthy food choices are a way of life, it always makes me smile and feel proud when they try to join in and copy me. I want them to grow up believing that exercise is the norm rather than something they only do to loose weight.

Keren Davis- Making it up as I go along.

Keren’s journey so far……..
Link to Keren’s Facebook Page.
Wow! What a journey Keren has been on. I am Keren’s hairdresser and I met her about 5 years ago and she, like me was a completely different person. I think to date she has lost 7 stone, incredible! I’ll let her tell her story but she leads a busy life, has an autistic son that needs a lot of care, she’s a singing teacher, has her own beauty business, a house to run and husband to look after, plus all the volunteering she does with her sons autistic school and to start, lose all that weight and maintain to leads a healthy lifestyle -she deserves a medal! Wow Lady!! Keep up the Flawsome work! Check out Keren’s younique business page here!

Hello, I’m Keren. I’m 43 and I think I can finally say I’m accepting of my flawsome self!
I’ve always struggled with my weight, indeed I have spent much of my life on one diet, eating regime, health fad, meal replacement plan or another! All have led to me being bigger each time and consequently less healthy. My husband and I struggled with infertility for a few years, and after two failed attempts and gallbladder surgery I decided to make a concerted effort and managed to lose 7.5 stone over 18 months. I ate real food but it was very restrictive diet. My goal was to have a baby and nothing stopped me, ivf worked and we have our son – hooray, all done weight-wise you’d think….? Well it came came back with extra interest!
I continued to battle myself over what I ate and did, losing some, gaining more and becoming more miserable with each gain. I knew what I needed to do, I just had to do it! I fed my family healthy meals and we enjoyed activities together, but as my son grew and never stopped moving, I became less able or willing to join in.
My doctor referred me at the end of 2016 for bariatric surgery. I began preparing in April 2017 (1200 cal a day) losing four stone before surgery in Dec. I’m now over seven stone lighter, healthier and happier! My son who enjoys his food is learning when to stop, when to snack and when to keep moving! We are enjoying walks and time together as a family and I feed us all as healthily as I can (with treats too because we’re only human!) My other half spends time in the gym (in our garden!) and feels better for it and we recently raised money for NAS doing a 6k walk together – something I wouldn’t have contemplated doing a year ago! I also started selling makeup in September which has boosted my confidence as I can see the changes in myself.
Jemma has supported me, inspired me, pushed me, beautified me and continues to do so daily. I am so grateful for all I have received that has helped me get to where I am on my journey, and I look forward to what is to come.
Link to Keren’s Facebook Page.
Link to Keren’s Younique Page

Hope you have enjoyed our stories from myself, Laura and Keren today.
And hope you take something away from our stories and experiences.
If you have any questions or want to check anyone out, please click on appropriate links.
I’ll leave it there for today.
Have a Flawsome day and lots of love,
Jem xx

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Role Models

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