Healing Foods

So with the recent change of seasons it seems to of bought a lot of bugs and illnesses with it. It’s made me want to write you all a post about ‘Foods that Heal’ and the importance of Healthy Eating.
Everything we eat, contributes to our overall health and well-being.
Each Micro and Macro Nutrient, has a job to do to ensure your body works to it best potential. It’s important to eat a varied, balanced diet on a day to day basis to ensure you get all your essential micro and macro nutrients.

So let’s talk about some ‘Healing’ Foods, that could help you today.
Do you have a cold?

  • You need Kiwi Fruit, the golden ones are best. Eat 4 fruits for 3 days and your symptoms will be gone. Or Chicken Stock is another awesome food to heal a cold, so make some chicken soup.

Does everyone around you seem to have a cold?

  • You need Garlic, it’s not just an old wives tale. This really works. You can buy Garlic Supplements but fresh is best. No cold for you!

Do you have Spots?

  • You need Guava Juice, it’s loaded with vitamin C, so a great antioxidant to heal and get rid of those spots. You can try drinking Orange Juice too, but you get more Vitamin C in the Guava Juice.

Do you feel bloated after eating?

  • Give Peppermint Tea a go, it helps releave muscle spasms, relaxes the body, so allows air, liquids or stuck foods to move more easily.

Feeling bloated for ‘no’ reason?

  • You need Fresh Parsley and Papaya Fruit. Don’t mix together. But add the Parsley to boiling water and allow to steep and drink, it’s awesome for water retention and will also get things moving 😉 and the Papaya fruit contains an enzyme that breaks down gut clogging food so again will get things moving.

Want a flatter tummy?(Not a miracle worker but a fat burner for sure)

  • You need to consume more Cayenne Pepper, the capsaicin (the spicy bit) in the peppers, increase the flow of digestive enzymes through your intestines, which in turn, reduces gas and bloating.

Suffering with PMS symptoms?

  • You need Fresh Ginger Tea. A thumb sized peeled piece of root ginger (organic is best), slice, steep in hot water and lemon for 5 mins and drink. That achy tum will soon be gone. Drink as soon as you feel the symptoms coming.

Is it your time of the month and you’re feeling a bit crappy?

  • You need to keep your Protein levels up, so lots of Eggs and Oily Fish, like Salmon is perfect. Vitamin D found in both eggs and Salmon is a natural muscle relaxant so will ease those cramps. Salmon has a much higher content and has half of your recommended daily intake for Vitamin D, so grab that salmon and get cooking.

If you suffer every month?

  • You need more Fatty acids and Omega 3’s in your diet, I suggest Hemp Seeds/Oil or Flaxseed. Consuming 2 grams of fatty acids daily will result in less cramping within months. Sprinkle Flaxseeds on your breakfast in the moring, add hemp seeds to your meals, use hemp seed oil for cooking and baking. Omega 3’s are also present in these foods and also Salmon are great foods to consume to get in those essential vitamins and minerals and get the relief you need.

Are you low in energy before lunch?

  • You need to add some Quinoa to your lunch, the slow release energy from the carbs and also its full of iron so will help transport oxygen around the body and blood. You will be feeling energised in no time.

Do you struggle to get a restful nights’ sleep and feel tired all the time?

  • You need to snack on Blueberries during the day, these Vitamin C rich berries, lower cortisol levels and help keep the mind and body calm and prevents unwanted snacking. Having a glass of Cherry Juice with your dinner will give you a boost of melatonin, which will help you regulate sleep, by having at dinner time, it’s effects will kick in by bed time. Restful nights’ sleep, here you come!

Are you going out drinking and want to prevent a hangover?

  • A good Protein based dinner/meal before, works wonders and also have a glass of Pear Juice and 2 pints of water before drinking. Your hangover will either be a million times better than usual or non-existent.

-After drinking, before bed to prevent a hangover?

  • You need Coconut Water, to replenish those lost electrolytes and rehydrate you. Bye Bye hangover!

-The Morning After Drinking and you’re feeling a bit delicate, after a drinking sesh?

  • You need Watermelon, rehydrate in anyway you can but Watermelon is absolutely loaded with the h2o that you need to rehydrate. By munching on watermelon, will stop any dry mouth, you may have going on 😉

-Still felling crappy later on, after a drinking sesh?

  • You need a Baked Potato, you know how we crave carbs after a night out, this is because our bodies lack Potassium, that’s lost during drinking. Give your body some of it back with a baked potato for dinner. Skin and all. Add some Tuna and Avocado and yummy. You’ll be feeling tip top in no time.

**My top secrets to maintain good health**
Drink 8 glasses of water a day:

  • Stay hydrated, keep energy levels up, lose weight, prevent snacking, stay alert, and much more. All this from Water! Water is so important. Sip at room temp, throughout the day. See the difference you feel after just a few days. For added interest add fruit and/or herbs

Eating Healthy Foods, everyday:

  • Include a good quality Protein source and have Greens/Veg in every Meal and add Fats and Carbs, according to goals/needs/energy usage.
  • Eat 3 Main Meals every day.
  • Prepare Healthy Snacks for between ‘meals’
  • Eat a good variety of colours, tastes and textures.
  • Prepare all meals myself.

Healing Superfood Hemp, that I love and enjoy every day:

  • Good Hemp Protein- I’m currently using the Fit Shake, Strawberry Flavour. No added crap or sugars. A great source of Protein.
  • Good Hemp Drink-I normally use the unsweetened version, but have tried all and all are great. A great non-dairy alternative.
  • Good Hemp Oil-I use these for baking and cooking, a great source of Omega 3’s and Essential Fatty Acids.

I used to suffer with really dry, eczema like skin, and the doctor used to prescribe me steroid cream for it, but since consuming Hemp products daily, my skin is completely improved. So no more horrible cream for me. Result!

I love Hemp products so much, I actually promote them, to buy via my link.
Thank you in advance if you make a purchase.
For more info on Hemp and it’s wonderful health benefits.  (Both will divert you to Good Hemp Website links, to purchase please use my link instead, thank you, helps with tracking)
Other Products I Recommend
I hope you have found all these tips useful and will try some of the things out I have suggested, they do really work.
I’d love to hear what you try and how you get on, be sure to let me know.
On that note my Flawsome Friend, I’ll leave it there for today.
Stay Flawsome, Lots of Love,
Jem xx

I am not a dietician or a doctor.
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Healing Foods

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