2 Ingredient Probiotic Yoghurt Recipe

Hey there my Flawsome friend,
After sharing my yoghurt recipe on social media last week, you all wanted the recipe so thought I’d write it up for you.
So I’ve been making yoghurt! Yes! Real, yummy yoghurt….so good!
It’s really easy and believe it or not only 2 ingredients.
There are no fancy tricks or fancy equipment needed either.
As I said in my social media posts, I was inspired by The Minimalist Baker and The Betty Rocker for this recipe.

2 Ingredient Probiotic Yoghurt.
(Will make approx. 6 servings.)
You will need:
*1 can of Culinary Coconut Milk
*1 Probiotic Capsule (I used Organifi Probiotics)-Use code JEMMA15 to save 15%!
*A Glass bowl/jar
*Cheese Cloth
*Non Metallic Whisk/Spoon

How to Make:
*Empty Coconut Milk into clean glass jar or bowl,

*Sprinkle Probiotic Capsule onto Coconut Milk and mix together with non metallic whisk,

*Cover with Cheese Cloth and wait!

Seriously that’s it-it doesn’t get any easier than this and it tastes amazing!
I personally think this is better than shop bought versions. It’s really creamy (a bit like Greek Yoghurt) rich and tangy-just like the ‘real’ thing.
Once your yoghurt has activated (24-48 hours) simply refrigerate to thicken and cool. Then enjoy!

Sometimes I have plain, sometimes I add fruit, sometimes seeds, nuts, syrup, etc.
Pretty much any flavour combination works including lemon, vanilla, maple, fruit, chia seeds, granola, protein powder, etc. The list is endless! Amazing!
I hope you all love this yoghurt! It’s:

  • Thick
  • Creamy
  • Coconutty
  • Probiotic Rich
  • Gut Healthy
  • Versatile
  • Easy to make
  • Delicious!

This yoghurt would make an awesome snack or breakfast. My favourite way to have is as a snack with fresh raspberries and raspberries compote and sprinkled with some hemp hearts for added protein. As a great breakfast I would do the same but add a scoop of Raised Spirit Hemp Protein Powder too.

You want to use good quality Probiotic to ensure best results.
If it takes on weird colours or smells odd, something has gone wrong-it hasn’t happened to me, but it can. If this happens throw away and start again. I haven’t tested this recipe with any other non dairy milk. Always use non metallic equipment when making this yogurt to ensure that it doesn’t react with the probiotic.
This yoghurt will keep for up to a week in the fridge once made. Enjoy!
I’ll leave it there for today, I’d love to see you’re own versions if you give a go! Tag me in your Instagram/Facebook pics @flawsomejem
You’re Flawsome!
Lots of love,

Jem xoxo

2 Ingredient Probiotic Yoghurt Recipe

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