No One Does It Alone!

Hey there my Flawsome friend,
How you doing this week?
It’s been coming up a lot recently, a lot of people are struggling, thinking they can do everything, by themselves. You can’t physically stretch yourself that thin. You’re just heading for burnout and that isn’t going to do you those around you any favours. You need to look after number one in order to be able to look after number two, three or four, etc.

No One has super powers that allows them to do it all.
Prioritise, Plan and It Is OK to ask for help!
This works for all aspects of life: Home, Work, Friends and Loved Ones.

You don’t have to do it all- Ask your partner, and those with older children to help you out with jobs around the house. This will free up some time that you would usually be washing up, cleaning, etc and can then get something much more constructive and useful done. Get that workout in, do some food prep-what ever the time allows.

Do you feel like you are taken for granted sometimes, or do more than someone else and you shouldn’t be? Be firm but polite and ask others to help you with some of these over delegated tasks or if this isn’t possible, speak to your manager and explain your frustrations and see if you can get a better plan in place to shift some of that work load. Get a better balance. At the end of the day, those of us unfortunate enough to not have to work, we spend a lot of hours of our day ‘working’ so make sure you are doing something you enjoy.

Like with work, do you sometimes feel taken for granted for or are leant on too much? You go along with a plan that someone else has made, or say yes when you want to say no, end up doing something you don’t really want to be doing or don’t have time for? Well life is too short my friend, this may sound harsh but it’s true. When you look back what do you want to remember?
Think of this every time you are asked to do something. It will make you make the right decision.

Also when making changes in your life, like weight loss you need a support network around you, like minded busy parents to share the journey with. Somewhere safe, where you can be your self, share the highs and the lows, share recipes, experiences, tips and advice with each other. Get the motivation you need, be inspired by the other tribe members and even make new friends. This for me, is one of the main keys to my success.
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So I’m building a community on Facebook called ‘Forever Flawsome’. It’s still pretty small at the moment but the incredible and inspirational members that I have so far are just amazing and I’m loving sharing their healthy journey with them and getting to know them better. I’m getting some awesome feedback and results from the members and all of the members have been with me for several months now and have invited friends to join us, as they are enjoying it and finding it so helpful to them.

Wanna know more and join us?
Not doing it alone has made me think of myself, other people and situations.

Myself, for example: I know I can’t do this business growing thing without help, so I have an amazing business coach, Kim Argetsinger, for any of you Solopreneurs, out there needing some help with ditching the overwhelm and build a kick ass business you’re wildly in love with, then Kim is you’re girl. She has and continues to help me tremendously.
Movies/Films: Have you ever looked at the credits and seen how many people are involved in the making of the movie, not just the cast but everyone else?! Crazy amount of people! And that is for just one movie/film, so you definitely need some support in life.
Big businesses/Successful People: When you see big profitable businesses and successful people you admire with thousands of followers, they have lots people behind them supporting them-doing their social media posts, emails, marketing, etc.
If you’re a one man band like me then it’s ok to admit you can’t do it alone. Get out there, Network with like minded business owners- get some support, bounce off each other, share ideas and such like and grow organically and remember, always be you!
Think of life as a scale and everything needs to be in balance to stay in place.

Let other’s help-especially if they offer!
Where will you ask for help or get some support in your life?
I’ll leave it there for today, I’d love to hear from you to hear your thoughts on this post, please reach out to me via email or if you would like to join me and let me support you, I’d love to help you and share your Flawsome healthy journey with you.
You’re Flawsome!
Lots of love,
Jem xoxo

No One Does It Alone!

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