Enjoying Meals Without Guilt and Why I Don’t Count Calories……

For me how I eat isn’t a diet but a lifestyle.
After my recent nutrition posts and the most recent post about tracking progress, I’ve had a few of you asking me about calorie counting and asking whether I ever eat ‘off plan’ well let me tell you more……

I believe there is no such thing as good and bad, everything in moderation, mindfully and purposefully.

Try not to be too restrictive on yourself, as long as you are eating on purpose you can plan, allow for these ‘treats’. With what I call EWG (Eating Without Guilt) meals. Some people call cheat meals but I think everything in balance and moderation.

Enjoying Without Guilt (EWG) meal-once or twice a week I encourage you to enjoy something you really fancy even if it’s ‘off plan’, it can actually help with speeding the metabolism up and encourage fat burn/loss.

Don’t worry though; we are always learning and no one way works for everyone.
As I’ve said before eating and food is a personal thing. So give it your best and you will get results.

But why don’t I count Calories?
I don’t believe in counting calories, once you get to know your body you know when you are full and hungry and tend not to overeat. Also unless you have been given personalised strict guidelines to follow this is only a guide.

There is no perfect calorie count for anyone as things change on a daily basis. If you wanted to track calories/macros then I would suggest an app like MyFitnessPal and inputting your details and listing the foods you have eaten.

A calorie tells us how much energy is contained in the food but not the quality or nutrient density of the food. All calorie counts are estimates anyway.

Once you tune in with your body, you will know when you are hungry/full.

Let me know your thoughts on calories and enjoying food mindfully.

Hope you are enjoyed my mini nutrition and lifestyle series of posts.
If you could like help with your nutrition or lifestyle please reach out to me, I would love to help you, my flawsome friend.
Lots of love
Jem xx

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Enjoying Meals Without Guilt and Why I Don’t Count Calories……

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