Hemp v Cannabis

Happy Christmas (to those of you who celebrate) and of course, it’s Happy Hemp Day too!!

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Today I wanted to go into a bit more detail as to what is the difference between hemp and cannabis? So many of you ask me on a daily basis, so let’s clear this up for you all…

– Hemp & Cannabis, are they the same?

– What makes them different?

– Why is one legal & the other is illegal?

Scientifically & genetically, they are the same plant, that has been cultivated in different ways to achieve different effects.

Medical cannabis plants have been bred selectively over years with alot of trial & error, to produce female flowering plants the yield budding flowers & these buds are what contains large quanities of THC.

Whilst hemp plants are tall, they do not produce any flowering buds, therefore containing trace amounts of THC. The hemp plant is legally grown all over the world & can be used to produce many products, such as; – textiles, building materials, food & supplements.

Most cannabis plants produce bewteen 5-20% THC, with some strains producing 20-30% THC, whereas hemp plants naturally produce less than 0.2% THC.

Although sometimes hemp oil products can sometimes be described as cannabis oil products, as technically the term can be used to describe both as they are derived from the cannabis plant, but although both are from the cannabis plant, they are very different.

To break it down in basic terms –

– Cannabis is rich in THC & is used to get ‘high’
– Hemp is an industrial food crop that is sold under licence within the UK.
– But both are from the cannabis family.


One reason why cannabinoids appear to help with so many illnesses is because prior to prohibition they were part of the human food chain.

Dairy cows ate feral hemp, which was rich in CBD and passed the CBD to humans through their milk, eggs, cheese, & meat.

Obviously that all changed once they stopped growing hemp in the US and around the world in 1937 when corruption and politics secretly placed hemp along side marijuana causing the prohibition of cannabis.

This fuelled sickness & disease around the world because humans weren’t getting the necessary amount of CBD needed for the endocannabinoid system which causes a deficiency called CED. Many autoimmune issues that plague us today simply didn’t exist prior to 1937.

So us folks that are promoting & educating about the benefits of CBD aren’t just all of a sudden trying to “hype up” a product just for sales….CBD is NEEDED for your body️ – PERIOD!

Fact check me please!

You will find this is all true!

Greed and corruption is why we are the sickest we have ever been in human history! The time is now to end the prohibition of a plant that has been studied and proven to work for many ailments. I am not in the business for the money. I am in this business because I cant turn my back and pretend a natural alternative doesn’t exist. I owe it to myself to be as knowledgeable as I can and share this knowledge with the world.

CBD oil is made from Hemp right… So isn’t Hemp seed oil the same as CBD oil, so can’t I just use that instead!?

WRONG. CBD oil may be devired from Hemp, but this does not make them the same.

The purest & most potent CBD comes from ‘aerial parts’, which is flowers & leaves. CBD & other cannabinoids are extracted from these parts of the plants in many different way but CO2 is the best way & the one you should be looking for.

Hemp seed oil, is extracted from the seeds from the hemp plant, just as the name suggests & actually contains NO CBD! It is high in anti-oxidants, Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids, making it a great addition to your diet, but it should not be confused with CBD oil.

They are both food supplements for better health, so mixing them up won’t cause you any harm, but you may not get the desired results if using Hemp seed oil instead of CBD oil.

I hope this has helped explain in more detail the difference between hemp and cannabis.

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I will leave there for today, have a great day what ever you are up to and if you are celebrating Christmas, enjoy yourself, but don’t go too mad, is it really worth it? Have a Flawsome day!

You’re Flawsome!

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Hemp v Cannabis

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