Loving Yourself

Hey there my Flawsome friend,
How are you doing today?
So I wanted to come on today and talk about ‘Loving Yourself’ and what it means to me.

It isn’t something that come easily to me and I’m sure to most, so that’s why I wanted to talk about this in a bit more detail.
At the end of the day no one looks like the models on Instagram or in magazines, etc for real. even the models don’t look like the pictures. It’s all filters and airbrushing. We all have a body part(s) we don’t like as much or a wobbly bit here and there, no one is perfect and no one should be. And you know what it makes us, ‘US’.

For me it’s more about how you feel inside, not so much the outside. Be proud, love yourself!
Be Flawsome!
But how I hear you say, it’s not that easy?! No it’s not, it’s something I work on daily and continue to do so.
By working on my mindset with daily practices like journaling and meditation, I feel stronger mentally and physically, they give me a more positive outlook on negative situations.
There are so many options to try out there but why not try starting your day with a bit of journaling to start out with a positive mindset and again at the end of the day to off load your thoughts and happenings of the day. Give it a try!

I also think having the support of a group or community of like minded busy parents helps me and also them tremendously, just having the support of like minded people let’s you know you aren’t alone on this journey and we all have the same/similar thoughts and we can help and support each other.
If this is something you feel would help you, check out my community, ‘Forever Flawsome’, it’s the place to be to succeed.

Back to ‘Loving Yourself’, in the past I have talked about wanting a tummy tuck and a breast uplift, after losing 9 stone (130lb) in weight, I’m left with a lot of excess tummy skin and very deflated boobs as they were massive, and for a long time it really got me down and I really, really wanted to do it ASAP ( I even had it booked in at one point and met surgeon but had to pull out for financial reasons), anyway my point now is I feel a lot more comfortable and happy with myself that it isn’t such a priority. Don’t get me wrong if I could afford to do it I would but while trying to set up Flawsome Jem and working and running a house it just isn’t possible for a while yet and that’s ok. It’s all about self acceptance-this comes in time. Keep working on those daily mindset practices and get the support from others, watch the changes in how you feel inside start to unfold.
I am incredibly grateful and proud of my body and what it has achieved. Especially after all it’s been put through. This vessel of awesomeness is incredible and I want to look after it the best I can, to keep stresses to a minimum, to be as healthy and strong as I possibly can.
This is a pretty apt topic for my business as it’s the meaning of my name/brand: Flawsome!
To me, Flawsome has 2 meanings:
(1) Flawed and Awesome…
(2) Flippin’ Awesome!
How can you Look After or Love, number 2, 3 or 4, etc, if you don’t LOVE or Look After number 1?
I’ll leave you with that thought, my Flawsome friend…
You’re Flawsome!
Lots of love,

Jem xoxo

Loving Yourself

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