Self Healing Through Reiki

Learning the Program of Self-Healing


For you to be able to acquire the depth of the knowledge on Reiki’s self-healing process, you must devote time to practice. If you have your spirit, mind, and heart in Reiki, you will surely succeed.


The Allotted Time for Self-Healing


The Reiki system of self-healing is best done by regularly allotting at least 30 minutes to yourself. You may use either the scanning or hand positions as your technique. Your focus should be on those regions that require healing the most. As the session begins, allow yourself to be carefully guided by your intuition as to where your hands should go and which body parts you should touch. You have to feel everything that you are doing. Let the energy flow and feel it vibrating. 


While the session is going on, let your mind wander on your daily activities and where your life is heading. It is by thinking over life will your quest for self-healing produce a great impact. This is a kind of technique that promotes the development of a healthy attitude. More so, this time of self-reflection, will give your mind room for creative ideas and solutions to your problems.


Self-Healing in Groups


Reiki treatment can be administered to yourself or to others. Hence, you may form a special group with other self-healers whom you know and do the session all together. This practice is effective because you don’t only get to heal yourself but the rest of your group mates as well. A daily practice can do wonders. You will heal each other faster. Complete healing is sure to materialize. The secret to it is the sharing of energy and support as the group continues their sessions.


Being in a group will give you the opportunity to discuss among yourselves the things that you want to get healed with. A once a week meeting will generate a more serious focus and a deeper purpose in each and every one of you. Let the prayers guide you through as you convene in the Reiki healing practice.




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Self Healing Through Reiki
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