The Importance of 'ME' Time 

Before I began my journey I didn’t realise the importance of making time for myself. I was working too many hours and was out quite a few nights a week, drinking far too much so was constantly burnt out. I was smoking cigarettes like a chimney. So as well as not eating correctly, I was abusing my body to its limit and somethings needed to change. But how could this party animal be tamed? What would make her want to?
Well with my 30th birthday looming, about 6 months after I started my journey, it gave me a massive boost, wanting to be the healthiest, possible version of myself by my birthday. So I set myself small goals as I went along, to keep momentum up. By my 30th birthday I had got down to a size 14 so not quite where I wanted to be but I had lost 7 stone at this point. And that was great. I was feeling awesome! I knew I could keep going. I still hadn’t had a drink and didn’t have any over my birthday, I felt amazing why would I want to poison my body with that stuff. And I still haven’t had one now, nearly 3 years later. Shortly after my 30th, I gave up smoking and haven’t had one since, over 2 years later.

My 30th birthday ☝️
Back to the point, making time for yourself. As time has gone on I have realised how important it is to find balance with yourself. I need time to myself every day, whether it be half an hour in the morning before anyone else is up or taking yourself out for a walk to clear the head, or meditation when you have a few mins, I like to do it-before bed. Another tip for you, turn your phone off or onto air plane mode at least half hour before bed, helps with distractions/light and I also think I sleep better for doing so 🙂
Clear that mind, find peace with yourself. Restore yourself!
My ideal way to relax is; Run a nice hot bath with Epsom salts and some essential oils, light a few candles and sit in the bath with a good book, hair and face masks on and relaxing music/nature sounds on……..pure bliss 💚👌
I have come to realise that, everything you ‘want’ in life, you need to be in the ‘right’ ‘mind set’ to ‘tackle’. Everything comes with its up and downs but it makes it all worth-while in the end. If you can make the process as easy, positive and happy then why wouldn’t you?
Being healthy for me, isn’t all about being skinny and not enjoying my life, doing what I want to do, when and how. I want to be strong and flawsome for many years to come.
Sweaty selfie with Bree ☝️
I still haven’t had an alcoholic drink-3 years later, just not fussed by it and can enjoy myself without it and as far as I’m concerned it’s an unnecessary poison my ‘clean’ body doesn’t need.
I’ll leave you with a few thoughts for today……
💚Everything is all about balance.
💚Make that time for yourself, you are so important!
💚Look after number one, because how can you look after number two, three and four, etc, if you can’t look after yourself!
💚You can’t pour from an empty cup💚
Lots of love
Jemma 💚💪🏽xx
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The Importance of 'ME' Time 

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